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Diptic – iTunes App of the Week Review

Written by iHospital. Posted in Accessories

Diptic app reviewiPhone and iPad Application – Diptic – FREE – 4 IV’s

What is Diptic?

Diptic is a photo application designed by Peak Systems for the iPhone and iPad.  It also happens to be this week’s “App Store App of the Week”.

What did you like about Diptic?

This is a nicely designed application that allows people to frame several photos into one custom designed photo.  This application may take up hours of your time depending on how much you love photography.

Diptic comes preloaded with 24 layouts.  For $0.99 extra you expand the number of layouts to 52.  The default layouts are square and the expanded layouts can be adjusted.    Using Diptic is simple. After you decide which layout you’re going to use it’s time to start adding pictures.  You can either take some new pictures, add them from your photo album, add them from Facebook, or select them from Flickr.  Then it’s time to start editing.  You can pinch and pull the image to get the right the size.  You can also edit the saturation, brightness, border color and much more.  The best part is playing around with the 14 filters which is very similar to our beloved Instagram.

Here are some other features:

  • You can adjust border color and width
  • Create rounded corners
  • Shake to clear functionality on every screen
  • Send Diptic photos directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more different networks
  • High resolution options
  • iPad 3 Retina Display
  • Random layout option for when you can’t decide

What didn’t you like about Diptic?

The most common complaint we get about Diptic is that there aren’t enough layouts that come with the free edition.  Other than that, everyone loves it!

Where can we get it?

Download this application for free this week in the App Store. After this week, it will go back to being $0.99.

Review by D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices Andrew G. Deeson. Andrew works at iHospital South Tampa and iHospital North Tampa. You can read our interview with Anderw in our previous post, Meet iHospital D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices Andrew G. Deeson.


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