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Contre Jour

Written by iHospital. Posted in Applications

Contre Jour GameiPhone and iPad Application: Contre Jour  – $0.99 – Score: 4 IV’s

What is Contre Jour?

Contre Jour is one of the coolest games I’ve played in awhile; a great and unique puzzler with style.  And, this game is also beautiful to look at, “blurring the lines between games and interactive art, Contre Jour welcomes you to a hauntingly beautiful world shaped by the interplay of light and darkness.” -iTunes Description.   My daughter also loves this game… let your kids try it out too!

The object of the game is to guide the star of the game, a mysterious creature named Petit, to safety through tendrils, air geysers and pulleys.  There’s even a soundtrack orchestrated by a composer (David Ari Leon).  Overall, this game will keep you and your family entertained for hours on end.

What didn’t you like about Contre Jour?

It has a lot of levels, but I like it so much, there can’t be enough!  One small thing to note is that on smaller Apple devices, at some of the later levels, a lot of coordination is required.  Because this game supports multi-touch input, sometimes you have to nudge, tap and launch Petit in seconds which can be hard to do on a smaller display.

Where can I purchase Contre Jour?

You can purchase Contre Jour from iTunes here for $0.99. Let us know how you like it in the comments below! 

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Review by Doctor of iDevices Johnathan Keyser, South Tampa iHospital

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