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Why iHospital Dominates iPhone Repair in Atlanta

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iPhone repair in AtlantaiHospital is your number once choice when it comes to iPhone repair in Atlanta.  Do a quick Google search, or look in the yellow pages, and you’ll see you have many options in the Atlanta, Georgia area for iPhone repair.  When it comes down to the nitty gritty of iPhone repair, iHospital always comes out on top.  Here are several reasons why iHospital dominates the iPhone repair scene:

1.) When you need your iPhone repaired quickly and efficiently, iHospital is number one.  You don’t have to make an appointment when you visit iHospital Atlanta.  Just get in your car, hop on a bus, or ride your bike down to our shop.  One of our expert D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices will give you a time and cost estimate as soon as you walk in the door.  No other repair shop in Atlanta can offer you that kind of service. 

Top 5 Free iPhone Apps for the iPhone Beginner

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Purchasing your very first iPhone is an exciting endeavor. Downloading free iPhone apps from Apple’s App Store can be just as exciting. However, there are so many apps in the App store that it can be overwhelming for new iPhone users to sort through what’s amazing from what’s junk. Luckily for you, our D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices are here to share 5 free apps that are perfect for the iPhone beginner.


Instagram is the best photo app available on the iPhone today.  It allows you to transform your iPhone pictures into beautiful images with various filters.  You can also share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, email and much more. This free iPhone app will be a welcome addition we promise.


With close to a billion members worldwide, the free Facebook app is a definite must have for all new iPhone users.  This app allows you to do everything you love on Fa

9 Essential and Free Apps for Your iPhone

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best free apps Nothing quite beats the feeling of downloading a free app for your iPhone that you come to know and love. Seriously, where else can you get anything for free? Free apps definitely beat dirty couches on the side of the road, that’s for sure.  Our knowledgeable D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices created the following list of 9 essential and free apps for your iPhone:

1.  Facebook - This free app is essential for the 900 million+ people that currently use Facebook. Facebook for iPhone lets you keep in touch with all your friends while you’re on the go. You can start a chat, check out the news feed, browser pictures, check in and upload pictures – all from the ease of your iPhone.

2.  Twitter - The Twitter app enables users to follow their interests, get quick updates from friends and their favorite celebrities, and most importantly, see what’s happening around the world. This free app keeps getting better and better.

3.  Skype - This free app allows you to make video calls (and regular calls) to anyone else on Skype for free – worldwide. You can also text your Skype contacts.

11 Eye-Opening Features and Updates of iOS 6

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11 new features of iOS 6Everyone is anxiously awaiting the debut of Apple’s iOS 6 which is expected to arrive in the fall of 2012.  Apple proudly launched iOS 6 during it’s WordWide Developers Conference in June, 2012 and we’re here to share the most popular and talked about features and updates.  See our previous post, Top 10 Instagram Photos from WWDC 2012, for a detailed look at the conference via images.  Our D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices put together the following list of 11 eye-opening features and updates to expect in the highly anticipated iOS 6:

1. Maps.  Instead of using Google maps, Apple will be using its own newly designed map app for iOS 6.  Unlike Google, this map can be tilted to view the map from an angle and there’s no pixelation when you zoom in as it’s vector based.  Apple is also introducing turn-by-turn navigation similar to the Android.  Users can follow maps with 3D views, look at road signs for their new turn and check traffic.

2. Siri.  The quirky little voice assistant is getting an upgrade to know more about sports and movies.  You can ask Siri about the current status of the Olympic games or what movie is playing at your local movie theater.  Check out our previous post, 5 best apps for the 2012 London Olympics, for more information on how to follow the upcoming games on your favorite Apple devices.  

5 Reasons Why the New iPad’s Facebook App Rocks!

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It’s the best of Facebook – on your iPad -Facebook 

As rumored last week, Facebook released a new and improved iOS iPad application that fully supports 1 of the 13 beautifully designed apps for your iPad’s new Retina Display.  It also fixes a number of bugs to one of the most popular applications of all times! How can Facebook improve on perfection you ask? Here are three lovely reasons why the new application rocks:

1.) High resolution photographs.  The new Facebook application for iPad allows you to enjoy bigger, better photos.  Facebook says it best, “Your photos take on new life on the iPad. They’re big, high-res and easy to flip through – like a real photo album.

2.) Easy to navigate.  The new Facebook app’s interface is extremely simple to use.  You can tap, slide or pinch to get from one screen to another in no time at all!

Apple’s New Mac OS X doesn’t Support Facebook Sharing

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Are you excited to test out Apple’s New Mac OS X ‘Mountain Lion’ this summer? Are you one of the 800 million+ members of Facebook? Mountain Lion includes a sharing utility that syncs with most applications but guess which gargantuan social media network is missing? You got it – Facebook.  With more than eight times as many active users than Twitter, you’d think Facebook would be number one in their list of sharing applications.

One of Mountain Lion’s newest elements is called “Shared Sheets” which it imported from its mobile iOS platform.  Users can easily bookmark items, add them to their reading list, message them, Tweet them and more.  Interestingly, Facebook is not listed among the list of applications in Mountain Lion’s new share sheets.  


Written by iHospital. Posted in Upgrades

Smart Sync

iPhone Application: SmartSync – $0.99 US – Score: 3 IV’s

What is SmartSync?

SmartSync is an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch application that syncs with Facebook to keep your contacts up-to-date with their latest pictures and information such as birthday, status, address, job title and place of employment.  Even your caller ID will update with your friend’s latest Facebook picture!  The best part is this application merges birthdays with your iDevice’s calendar and I never miss anyone’s birthday.  If you like Facebook, you’ll love SmartSync!

What is this application lacking?

This application lags when it comes to updating pictures.  It would be much better if it didn’t have to constantly re-sync.

What are some key features?

  • When your Facebook friends call your phone, their latest Facebook profile will be displayed as the Caller ID
  • Your contact profiles will be updated with missing data from Facebook such as status, birthday, etc.
  • An up-to-date birthday list so you’ll never forget an important date
  • Data protection – this app won’t overwrite your pre-existing contact images or information.
  • It’s easy to import missing friends from Facebook into your iPhone contact list
  • Support for iCloud, Exchange and Google Sync

Where can I purchase SmartSync?

You can purchase SmartSync from iTunes by clicking here.

Every Tuesday and Thursday our expert D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices review and rate Apple applications, accessories and more. Items are rated from 1 to 5 IV’s (5 being the highest possible score). If the item is a total waste of time and money we’ll give it the dreaded bedpan score of zero.

Review by Nikesh Patel, North Tampa (USF-Fowler) iHospital

5 Noteworthy Features of Facebook for iOS Version 4.1

Written by iHospital. Posted in iHospital iV

Facebook rolled out Version 4.1 for iOS over the weekend which is now available via the App Store for free.  The new features includes the highly anticipated Mobile Timeline for the iPhone, access to friends lists/subscribers/subscriptions, and improved performance overall. The updated Facebook App isn’t available on the iPad yet but will most likely roll out soon as it did last October, 2011 for the previous version.  This new update might bump iPhone back into the number one position for accessing the social network as Facebook for Android now has 58.3 million average daily users compared with an average of 57.4 for iPhone. We are really obsessed with Facebook aren’t we?

Want to outsmart your friends on what changed? Read on for the top 5 noteworthy features!

1.) Now you have access to Mobile Timeline on the iPhone as long as you’ve already upgraded your desktop profile.  Timeline profiles are viewed on iPhones as they would be on regular websites. Cool right? The new Timeline profile style is a drastic change – it sorts a user’s posts, pictures and important dates/milestones (marriages, birthdays, etc.) chronologically in two columns of information.  A right hand navigation bar makes it easy to skip to certain months or years to see what was happening at that time in a user’s life.  Finally, users can now set a large banner “cover” photo which appears at the top of his or her profile. This is by far one of the most notable features in the new upgrade.

2.) Friends lists have been added to the black navigation bar in the app which means you can add people to your lists, as well as view all of your lists in one convenient place.

3.) Version 4.1 also supports the “subscribe” feature.  It’s easy to view who has subscribed to you, and who you subscribe too, as long as you have the subscribe feature turned on.

4.) It’s a lot easier to navigate Facebook with the new update.  Instead of clicking the notifications button and being taken to a different screen, notifications and messages appear in a drop down box.  Some think the new box is easy to click out of and you can easily get back to the page you were on.

5.)  Pictures are uploaded faster and commenting is easier according to reports as well.

Have you updated to the new Facebook for iOS Version 4.1? How do you like it? Let us know in the comments below!

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