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iPad Shipments Delayed due to Eager Online Customers

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There has been a lot of buzz about the latest iPad being offered by Apple.  Eager customers have been busy ordering theirs online and even though the iPad is due in Apple Stores on March 16, and should arrive on that day for the earliest online pre-orders, Apple is now telling people there will be shipping delays for all new orders! In other words, Apple has now sold out of all it’s US allotment for online ordering.

Macworld got the following statement from Apple:

Customer response to the new iPad has been off the charts and the quantity available for pre-order has been purchased, customers can continue to order online and receive an estimated delivery date. Beginning Friday, March 16 the new iPad will be available for purchase at Apple’s retail stores and select Apple Authorized Resellers on a first come, first-served basis.

The same thing is happening all over the globe with Canadian online store getting the same delay as the U.S., the stores in Australia and Singapore are quoting shipping dates of March 22, and Apple’s European stores as well as Japan are all quoting 2 – 3 weeks.   Apple was planning on releasing the latest iPad in 25 additional countries on March 23, 2012 but with the current ordering frenzy, they may be hard-pressed to satisfy the demand in the second round of introductions.

Shipment delays are not a new issue for Apple.  Last year, they started accepting pre-orders for the iPad 2 on March 11, 2011 and shipping times became delayed 2 – 3 weeks on that same day.  Four days later the shipping times were delayed 4 – 5 weeks.  If you’re interested in purchasing the iPad 2 you can still get those within 1 – 3 business days according to the Apple store.

Tell us about your online shipping experience in the comments below.  Or are you planning on sleeping over night at your local Apple store? We want to hear all about it! Don’t forget to read about iHospital’s Buy-Back Policy if you’re interested in trading in your old iPad to purchase a new one!

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The Last Post You Ever Need to Read about the New iPad

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First of all, you’re not allowed to call it the iPad 3, not even the iPad HD.  It’s The New iPad.  

Apple introduced it’s new iPad and an improved Apple TV set-top box at an invitation only even in San Francisco on Wednesday, March 7th, 2012.   They also launched an update to its mobile operating system, iOS 5.1.  Apple has also introduced updated versions of Pages and Numbers, Keynote, iLife Apps, iMovie, iWork and several other applications.  Apple CEO Tim Cook led the event and noted that the company sold more iPads last year than the number of PCs sold by any single competing computer company.  He went on to say that Apple is at the forefront of the post-PC revolution.

Remember all those dreamed about features we wrote about yesterday? [Read: 17 Expected, and Dreamed About Features of the iPad 3]

Here’s where we break down what was hype and what was fact:

1. Fact or Fiction? You won’t pay more for the new iPad.

17 Expected, and Dreamed About Features of the iPad 3

Written by iHospital. Posted in iHospital iV

To say a lot of buzz is floating around the net today about the iPad 3 would be a massive understatement.  Instead of jumping from blog to blog, we’ve decided to distill everything you need to know in one blog post.  Here’s the 17 latest and greatest expected and dreamed about features about the one and only, our favorite… the iPad 3

1. You won’t pay more for the iPad 3. It will cost the same as the iPad 2. According to 9to5Mac, Apple will not raise prices for their latest tablet and will keep its current pricing structure in place for all iPad 3 models.

2. The next iPad will include the coveted Retina display i.e. a screen that has a dpi (dots per inch) of 300 or greater as seen on the iPhone 4/4S. The first and second generation iPads feature a 1,024 by 768 pixel resolution touchscreen.  The new retina display will reportedly be 2048 x 1024 pixels, twice that of the iPad 2!  Ars Technica reported that it currently received web traffic from over 360 iPads that sported the new retina display which reinforces this rumor as well.

Houston Apple Store to Launch on Same Day as iPad 3 on March 16?

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According to The Houston Chronicle, Apple’s new retail store was scheduled to be opened in Houston, Texas on March 16th, 2012.  The store was originally slotted to be opened in early January, but according to the report’s source, delays in the construction schedule pushed the opening back to Saturday, March 17th.

Here’s where the story gets juicy.  Two weeks ago the grand opening was bumped up a day to March 16th fueling rumors that the company is trying to have the store open for an iPad 3 launch that day which confirms rumors that it was to launch the first week of March.  Here’s the low down from the paper:

The store, located in the Highland Village Shopping center at Westheimer and Drexel , was originally supposed to open in January, according to the source, but was delayed. March 17 was originally set as the new opening date, but the source said it was moved to the 16th a few weeks ago.

Imminent iPad 3 Launch Leads to Mass old iPad Trade-In’s!

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Unless you live under one massive rock, you’ve been hearing all about how the iPad 3 is scheduled to be launching on March 7th, 2012 in San Francisco.  Because Apple sent out invitations on Tuesday, February 28th for what’s expected to be an iPad 3 media event (or could it be the rumored iPhone 5 that Steve Jobs was working on until his last day? We’ll see!) , tablet trade-in volumes have risen dramatically.

Macworld reported that online autioneer eBay, which Tuesday said that tablet sales- nearly 98 percent of which were iPads – were 10 times greather this month during the same stretch in 2011 in the run-up to the debut of the iPad 2. Retailers have already begun to slash prices of Apple’s iPad 2 in anticipation of the launch.  According to the Washington Post, Radio Shack is discounting iPad 2 models by $20 and $50.

The new iPad 3 is rumored to have a number of innovative features.  Some of which include:

  • A sleek new Retina display with double the pixels from the first two iPads – close to 2048 x 1536.  (The pixels are so small you can’t even see them with the human eye!)
  • An updated camera that is sure to impress
  • That quirky voice assistant Siri
  • A faster new A6 processor giving this version a big boost over its predecessors
  • An enhanced touch screen with haptic feedback that would make multitouch-typing easier
Read the complete list of rumored upgrades in our previous post, 5 Epic Features of the New iPad 3.

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iPad 3 will Include Siri on March 7th Debut

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According to the Modmyi blog, the beloved little voice assistant Siri will be one of the many features included on the new iPad 3 rumored to be debuting on March 7th, 2012:

On Tuesday, revealed that one source close to the next-gen iPad admits that Siri voice control will be one of the biggest selling features of the iPad 3, not to mention a dual-core “A5X” processor, and a 1080p camera with image stabilization

The iPad 3 is expected to make it’s world debut on March 7th and launch shortly afterwards in the United States in mid-March.  It will then launch in Japan, the United Kingdom, France and Germany in April, with Hong Kong to follow soon afterwards.  

3 Sure Fire Signs the iPhone 5 Will be Released in Early Fall 2012

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The Internet is buzzing with news about the upcoming iPad 3 expected to launch in early March 2012, but what about the iPhone 5? It was rumored that the iPhone 5 was one of the last projects the legendary Steve Jobs was working on until his last day, but when can we expect to see it?  This is one of the most highly debated topics among Apple fans to date.  Previously, we heard reports the iPhone 5 would be launched during the summer at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, which would result in a short  lifecycle of the iPhone 4s (only eight months).

Here, we examine three sure fire reasons why we expect the iPhone 5 to launch in early September/October 2012.

1.) Japanese blog Macotakara reports that it has learned from a credible source that Apple is planning another September or October release for the iPhone this year which is moving away from their traditional mid-year launches seen prior to 2011.  The report also claims that Apple intends the later release date to be part of Apple’s long-term plans for iPhone launches, “According to Asian reliable source, next iPhone will be released in September or October, and this cycle seems to kept for years.”

2.)  According to MacRumors, a representative of a supplier known to provide parts for the iPhone stated that Apple’s ordering plans indicate a launch to happen early in fall, 2012.

3.)  A third source claimed to iMore  that Apple will be launching a LTE-enabled iPhone 5 in October.  This source is deemed to be more credible as it accurately predicated March 7 as the date of Apple’s iPad 3 media event.  Apple hasn’t officially announced the March 7 date, but the date has been confirmed as accurate by the well-connected Jim Dalrymple at The Loop.

Some of the expected features of the iPhone 5 include:

  • 4+ inch display with a Retina display
  • Updated casing
  • 4G LTE enabled which would also increase the thickness of the phone
  • Improved version of the personal voice assistant Siri
  • NFC functionality to complete sales transactions
  • Crack-resistant glass solution

All the signs point to Apple releasing the iPhone 5 launching in early September/October 2012.   Will you be pulling your sleeping bags out of storage to wait in line to replace your current iPhone?  Let us know in the comments below!

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iPad 3 to Launch First Week of March!

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The highly anticipated iPad 3 was rumored to be introduced in February , but low and behold, Apple will not be holding an event in February according to The Loop.  Instead, the highly reliable AllThingsD announced today that Apple will be holding a special event in early March to launch the next iPad.  Good things come to those who wait right?

It will most likely take place in San Francisco, presumably at Apple’s favorite location for big announcements like these, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.  This is where the iPad was launched in 2010 and the iPad 2 debuted in 2011.  Apple has declined to comment on the time or date of the event, saying the company does not comment on rumors or speculation.

When will you be able to get your paws on the iPad 3 if it’s launched in early March?  I’m glad you asked.  Following in the footsteps of previous launches, you will most likely be able to purchase the next iPad a week or so after the launch.  Get your sleeping bags ready!

Pssst…. The iPad 3 Introduced in February?

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It’s cool when people under promise and over deliver right?

Well, according to the Japanese blog Macotakara, that’s exactly what our good friends at Apple are doing with the iPad 3 introduction date.  In our previous post, 5 Epic epic features of the new iPad 3,  we informed you that it was expected to debut in March or April, 2012. Perhaps we were wrong!

Here’s the original lowdown:

5 Epic Features of the New iPad 3

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You can expect to see massive lineups at Apple Stores in March or April of 2012 for the predicted release of the iPad 3  according to DigiTimes .  This rumor popped up because according to sources, OEM contractors have started to receive parts and components for the new iPad 3.  They are receiving a limited amount of iPad 2 parts. Makes sense right?

DigiTime’s source stated, “OEM production of iPad 2 will remain hgh at 1415 million units in the fourth quarter of 2011 but decline to 45 million units in the frst quarter of 2012, paving the way for the launch of the new iPads.”

The first iPad became available in April, 2010 while the second launched in March, 2011 and Apple traditionally follows an annual product release cycle.  This is another tidbit of information that points to the iPad 3 becoming available in the spring of 2012.

Rumored iPad 3 Features

  • A “Retina” display with double the pixels of the first two iPads – that’s close to 2048 x 1536.  This super-resolution feature was supposed to come with the iPad 2 but failed to do so.  The larger display will provide the company’s app developers more convenience, and all future apps can run on all of Apple’s machines including the 27-inch iMac.
  • A faster A6 processor or some non-Samsung-made version that can compete with the brawny quad-core processor that appears in the Asus EE Pd Transformer Prime tablet (the first to do so)
  • The new iPad 3 is going to be thicker to support the “Retina” display which needs dual-LED bars. The dock will be redesigned to be smaller, which will help reduce the overall thickness.
  • A thinner, lighter, longer-lasting battery pack
According to the International Business Times the overall design of the iPad 3 is still unknown and the company hasn’t signed off on the final yet.  Two next-generation prototypes dubbed J1 and J2 have been developed with slightly different features.  Apple sold over 32 million iPads in their last fiscal year and are expect to exceed 40 million in the December quarter.
What new feature are you most excited to test out? Will you be waiting in line for the iPad 3 like I did for the iPhone 4S? I’ll be pulling out my sleeping bag.

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