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Tech Check: iPhone 5 Fever

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The big news in the tech world this week has been and probably will continue to be the iPhone 5 announcement. Apple is expected to roll out the newest installment to the iPhone family this week.

Several leaked photos have already hit the web ahead of Wednesday’s announcement. The latest is the new power cord that gets away from the current 30 pin connection. That’s right, you will not be able to use your old cords. This makes sense with the previously leaked photos of a longer, thinner iPhone in the number 5.

The doctors at the iHospital in Atlanta spoke with FOX 5 about what they have been hearing. They say the back is different. The iPhone 5 should have a unibody style, so no more glass fronts or backs.

Will iPhone 5 Sales Reach 10 Million in Launch Weekend?

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iPhone 5 salesUnless you live on a remote island that doesn’t believe in technology, we’re sure you’ve been inundated with information about Apple’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 5.  This particular unit is proving to be a massive hit among users with an estimated 6 – 10 million iPhone 5′s being sold in the opening weekend. This is according to Gene Munster, an analyst from Piper Jaffrey.  Munster based these predictions on two factors: a) the massive amount of iPhone 5 pre-orders and b) the number of iPhone 4S’s sold last year.  Here’s more of what he had to say:

Given the 2 million pre-orders, we remain confident that Apple can deliver 8 million (range of 6-10 million) iPhones in the launch weekend. The reason we are confident in the 8 million is two-fold. First, initial 24 hour pre-orders for the iPhone 5 were up 100% y/y from the iPhone 4S. Last year, pre-orders accounted for 25% of total weekend launch unit sales. Assuming the same initial pre-order/retail distribution, the pre-order total would suggest 8 million launch units.

Why iHospital Dominates iPhone Repair in Atlanta

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iPhone repair in AtlantaiHospital is your number once choice when it comes to iPhone repair in Atlanta.  Do a quick Google search, or look in the yellow pages, and you’ll see you have many options in the Atlanta, Georgia area for iPhone repair.  When it comes down to the nitty gritty of iPhone repair, iHospital always comes out on top.  Here are several reasons why iHospital dominates the iPhone repair scene:

1.) When you need your iPhone repaired quickly and efficiently, iHospital is number one.  You don’t have to make an appointment when you visit iHospital Atlanta.  Just get in your car, hop on a bus, or ride your bike down to our shop.  One of our expert D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices will give you a time and cost estimate as soon as you walk in the door.  No other repair shop in Atlanta can offer you that kind of service. 

12 Things You Need to Know About the iPhone 5 Right Now

Written by iHospital. Posted in iHospital iV

iPhone 5 inviteWe are all on pins and needles here at the iHospital anticipating the release of Apple’s newest iPhone, the iPhone 5.  According to recent reports, the iPhone 5 is scheduled to be released on September 12, 2012 at a special Apple event.  When it comes to the iPhone 5, Apple fans across the globe are wondering about what new features to expect, how much it will cost, and most importantly, how exactly they’re going to purchase one! We’ve scoured the Internet for everything you need to know about the iPhone 5 and here’s what we’ve come up with:

12 Things You Need to Know About the iPhone 5

1.  The next iPhone might not be called the iPhone 5. Like The New iPad, maybe the next iPhone will simply be called The New iPhone.

2.  Like we mentioned above, the next iPhone is scheduled to be released at a special media event in San Francisco, California on September 12, 2012 at 10:00 am PT.  Email invitations were sent to reporters. The invite shows a large “12″ with a five-shaped shadow and has the words, “It’s almost here” written above.  There’s been no indication if the event will be live streamed. (We hope so!).

The iPhone 4 Was the Most Purchased Smartphone in 2011

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According to Macworld, the top three smartphones sold in the United States last year all belonged to Apple.  The number one spot went to the wildly popular iPhone 4, the 3GS was in number two and the 4S came in third, even despite an October release late in the year.  The RIM Blackberry Curve 8530 and HTC EVO 4G came in fourth and fifth.

The results are available in ComScore’s annual Mobile Future in Focus Report  and it’s also important to note that Apple is the top-selling smartphone manufacturer in the United States with 29.6 percent of the market share.

Apple’s iPhones only make up roughly 30% of the total smartphone market.   And because there are more than one hardware manufacturer building phones for the platform, Android is holding the number one spot at 47.3 percent of the market.  The ComScore report also suggests that Blackberry users are more likely to switch to an Android rather than an iPhone. Seriously?  (Don’t forget to check out our iPhone repair section in case your part of the 30% and are in need of help!)

BookBook for iPhone

Written by iHospital. Posted in Accessories

Book Book Case AccessoryiPhone Accessory: BookBook for iPhone – $59.99 US – Score: 4 IV’s

What is the BookBook and what do you like about it?

The BookBook for my iPhone 4 is awesome!  This case serves as a wallet, and a protective iphone case. On the left side you have multiple slots for credit cards, a window slot for your ID, and a pocket underneath for miscellaneous items. On the right side you have a housing area for your iPhone to be secured. A leather strap over the top prevents your iPhone from sliding free. The BookBook is made with a high quality leather with some nice gold-embossed features that looks like a small vintage book. This case is sure to get the attention and envy of anybody that see you with it.

The most valuable benefit of carrying the BookBook is the comfort of less things in my pockets.

Why is the BookBook great for forgetful people like me?

Purchasing BookBook combines your wallet and iPhone into one neat package.  Now you can use Apple’s Find my iPhone application to find your wallet wherever you might have left it!  It’s like you have your own Apple-designed GPS for your wallet!

What didn’t you like?

The only thing I don’t like about the BookBook is that it doesn’t have a hole for the Camera and Flash.  I should also note the BookBook is only compatible with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Where can I purchase the BookBook for my iPhone?

You can purchase the BookBook from the twelve south website here.

Every Tuesday and Thursday one of our expert D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices review and rate Apple applications, accessories and more. Items are rated from 1 to 5 IV’s (5 being the highest possible score). If the item is a total waste of time and money we’ll give it the dreaded bedpan score of zero.

Review by D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices Sam SchlamiHospital in Atlanta, Georgia

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Meet iHospital D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices John Bahrs

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As you know every Friday we introduce you to one of iHospital’s awesome D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices.  Last week you met Mindi Sewell, this week we’d like to introduce you to John Bars who works at iHospital in Gainesville, Florida.  He’s an all around great guy who’s proudest moment at iHospital includes helping remodeling the shop bathroom – talk about multi-talented! Without further ado, please meet John Bahrs!

What is your name?

John Bahrs

Which store location(s) do you work at?

iHospital in Gainesville, Florida, Go gators!

What is your favorite Apple Device and why?

The iPhone 4. I love the screen resolution and the design.

What do you love about your job?

I get to work with great people and great devices. I like figuring out problems and finding solutions. Apple devices are really fun to work with.

What do you think the iPhone 5’s best new feature will be?

The rumored 5” screen and updated camera.

What adjective would you use to describe yourself?


Tell me about your proudest moment at the iHospital?

We worked on remodeling the bathroom at our store. It was a pretty proud moment when the last screw was being tightened and the job was finally done.

What type of mobile phone do you own?

iPhone 4

Cats or dogs?

I like ‘em both!

What was the first Apple device you ever purchased?

iPod Nano 1st gen

Rate yourself from 1 to 10. How weird are you and why?

8.  I usually speak my mind, even when its weird.

What’s the worst Apple Device damage you’ve ever seen? What was the story behind it?

An iPad that was ran over by a car, it was pretty bad.

What’s the funniest thing you have ever experienced?

Would have to be falling on a wet floor in front of a lot of people. I got a laugh out of it.

If you could meet anyone (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

I would really like to meet Alexander the Great and ask him how to be a great leader.

Decaf or Regular?

Regular, I like my coffee like my women, black and hot.

Cheaper iPhone 4 Picture Proof Leaked

Written by iHospital. Posted in Apple News

The folks over at Gizmodo have done it again. They managed to get their hands on one of the new iPhone 4’s said to be released on Tuesday ahead of time. The leaked images show proof of the N90A. The device codenamed “N90A” for clarification is not the iPhone 4S (which is codenamed N94). Although the iPhone 4S is still said to be coming, the photo is of the cheaper 8GB iPhone 4 which is also said to be launching next week too.

iHospital – Fox News Verizon & AT&T iPhone

Written by iHospital. Posted in Media Coverage

Ross Newman talks about the difference in AT&T’s iPhone and Verizon’s iPhone reception.

To clear the air in this sailor sibling rivalry we set out to test these enemy carriers side-by-side. So, we’ve hooked up with the iPhone hospital in Tampa.

Ross: Hey Chris, how’s it going?

Chris: How you doing?

Chris: Ross helps me out because he is plugged in and I’m cheap. My mobile is seriously old.

Ross: Fully extended antenna. Now you’re going to do single test with that and this.

Chris: For my temporary upgrade I borrowed one AT&T iPhone and one Verizon iPhone.

Ross: You’re going to see, what you need an idea for how both networks work around town. So far, right now Verizon and AT&T both have about same signal strength.

Chris: On first glance they’re almost identical.

Ross: They look pretty much of the same.

Chris: Luckily, for our trial.

Ross: This switch.

Chris: These two are different colors so we don’t confuse competitors.

Ross: You’re going to have AT&T as the white, the black is Verizon.

Chris: With that, it’s time to go for our unscientific test we hop in the jeep. Here we go. Place the phones next to one another and drive around Tampa. On signal strength, we find good but not 100 percent performance on both. Verizon boasts better coverage than AT&T.

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