Who’s “The King” of the Apple Community?

Posted on March 18, 2012 in Apple News, iHospital iV

Guess who has been dubbed “The King” of the Apple Community? Our very own D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices Ross J. Newman, founder and CEO of iHospital!

A Brief History

Ross got the entrepreneur bug young… really young.  He opened his first business at the age of 12, a jewelry company appropriately called Ross Jacob Jewelers.  As he grew up, his passion for business continued to do likewise.  At the age of 19, Ross dropped out of college and started another business selling sports memorabilia and collectibles.  Soon afterwards, he began running a hotel in New England as well as operating five retail clothing stores.  Still not impressed?  In 2006, he started an exclusive clothing distribution company selling high-end brands to stores up and down the East Coast.

How iHospital Was Born

Ross purchased his first iPhone in 2007 and so started his love affair with Apple products.  He continued to purchase Apple devices and became more and more intrigued with Apple technology.  Soon afterwards, he became an Apple Developer and began writing custom software for the iPhone and Mac OS.  Within a year he was dubbed “the King of the Apple Community”, a title he is proud to carry.  In late 2009, Ross received a random request to repair a customer’s shattered iPhone screen triggered the beginning of iHospital.  After gathering the required parts, Ross fixed the screen within minutes at his kitchen table. There began iHospital.

Always the business savant, Ross became an Apple Certified Mac Technician and began running ads in the local community pages.  Within weeks he developed a loyal following.  Within three months he could no longer work from home and required more space.  He opened the very first iHospital in downtown Tampa.  Within 30 days of opening, Ross knew he needed more space.  He relocated the iHospital to a larger location in South Tampa.

iHospital continued to grow exponentially and now has six locations in Florida, Atlanta, New York and Tennessee with more coming soon!  Ross continues to serve as the “Apple Expert” for three local news affiliate stations, Fox 13, Fox 5 and WFLA NBC 8 in Tampa, Orlando and Atlanta.  iHospital was also featured in The Wall Street Journal.  Check our our media coverage page for more information.

In Conclusion

Ross Newman’s love for Apple products paired with his entrepreneur spirit sparked the creation of iHospital.  He continues to offer strong insight and expertise into the future of Apple and every aspect of Apple technology.

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