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Posted on August 23, 2012 in Applications

FastCompany app reviewiPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Application – FastCustomer App – Free – Score: 4 IV’s

*”Top 10 Smart-phone App of 2011″ – TIME Magazine*

What is the FastCustomer App?

FastCustomer is a free app that eliminates customer service hold times.  This app is perfect for people who hate waiting on the phone.  It’s annoying enough when you have to call a company to resolve a problem. Do you really want to wait for hours on end too? Our days are short enough as it is.

What do you like about it?

This free app saves you a lot of time by allowing you to skip waiting on the phone for customer service. Instead, the application waits for you, and notifies you when a customer representative is available to help. It also supports almost every company you could think of. Using FastCustomer is simple. First you tell the FastCustomer application which company you’d like to call.  The app includes more than 2,500 customer service departments for banks, airlines, fast food chains, malls, and much more.  Next, you tap the “Have Someone Call Me” button.  You will receive a phone call when an agent is ready on the other end of the line. Great right? FastCustomer calls the company on your behalf and then calls you when the agent is ready on the phone.  You can also cancel the call if necessary.

Should the company you wish to call be closed, FastCompany will notify you via a screen box on your iPhone.  The “Call Me” button won’t appear either.

If you don’t find the company you’re looking for, you can request to have it added to FastCustomer.  This process usually takes 24 hours so you won’t be able to make the call right away.  This is a great feature if you expect to call the company again.

What don’t you like about FastCustomer?

In some cases, you might find multiple phone numbers for the same company.  FastCustomer is working hard to get rid of these redundancies but they will appear from time to time.  Also, you might not reach a live agent with each call. For example, some companies require you to answer a number of questions before connecting you.  This will result in the application not working as it should.

Where can you download FastCustomer?

You can download FastCustomer for free from iTunes.  Overall, FastCustomer is a great free app thatfar will definitely save you time when calling various companies for customer service.

Review by D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices Farhan Mandani. Farhan works at iHospital Gainesville.

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