Apple Ends iPhone Battery Replacement Discount Service

Posted on January 16, 2019 in Apple News, How To, iHospital Services

Battery Health Settings – iOS 12

Apple will no longer replace your iPhone’s unhealthy battery for $29

Apple began a discount battery replacement program to ease the woes following backlash from consumers about throttling performance of older iPhones with worn down batteries. Apple’s Battery Replacement Service fees have now returned to “normal” following a year at a discounted price.

Check Battery Health

To check the health of your iPhone’s battery tap on Settings > Battery > Battery Health.

Here you will find the Maximum Capacity (measure of battery capacity compared to when it was new) and Peak Performance Capability (report of if your device has experienced any unexpected shutdowns or performance loss).

Maximum Capacity below 85% will most likely result in performance throttling and may even show the battery health as “Service.”

iHospital’s Battery Replacement Service

iHospital replaces your iPhone battery with a fresh, new, Lithium-Ion battery. This repair comes with a guaranteed, industry standard, 90-Day Warranty.

No appointment is necessary and the repair is usually completed in under an hour.

We’ll also responsibly recycle the original battery after repair so it won’t end up in a landfill. It’s a win for you and the environment.

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