Boxcar Reviews

iPhone and iPad Application: Boxcar - FREE - Score: 3 IV's Tell me about Boxcar If you're a social media lover you'll find Boxcar very useful for push notifications. Boxcar supports notifications for Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google Voice, RSS Feeds, email accounts, and more. This is by far, one of the best Push notifications app I've ever used! I like having all my notifications come in through one app instead of having notifications turned on for multiple apps. I also find Boxcar has more options for notifications than what Apple offers. You can set up different notification tones, choose quiet times and what app opens when a notifications comes in, etc.

Features listed on Application Website on iTunes:

  • Central inbox for all of your notifications
  • Facebook push notifications. Opens your Facebook application automatically!
  • Email push notifications.
  • Twitter notifications for mentions, direct messages, favorites, RTs, new followers, and whenever you're added to a list.
  • OAuth for authentication, so we never see your passwords.
  • Choose from over 35 different clients to open automatically for Twitter!
  • Choose from our custom push notification sounds, *per service*!
  • Custom alert settings including full message, private message, and even no message at all!
  • More services being added all the time!

What didn't you like about Boxcar? Boxcar currently does not have support for Google+ notifications. The developers are waiting for Google to approve an API. There is a funky work around that works well, but it involves turing on email notifications and forwarding it to a special Boxcar email = too confusing. Where can I purchase Boxcar? You can get Boxcar for FREE from iTunes here. Every Tuesday and Thursday one of our expert D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices reviews and rates Apple applications, accessories and more. Items are rated from 1 to 5 IV's (5 being the highest possible score). If the item is a total waste of time and money we'll give it the dreaded bedpan score of zero. Review by Doctor of iDevices Mindi SewellAtlanta iHospital