Your Guide to Hidden Capabilities within iOS Built-in Apps

Your Guide to Hidden Capabilities within iOS Built-in Apps


Hidden features for iOS apps

Your iOS device comes equipped with various apps like Mail, Camera, Clock, Stock and Safari. We use them everyday but are we using them to their full potential? Probably not! Here is your guide to all the hidden capabilities within the iOS apps we know and love:

Clock Siri is a favorite application among many, but did you know the clock app has many functions including the ability to see what time it is all over the world, schedule alarms and timers as well as a nifty stopwatch.  But did you know you can also use Clock as a sleep timer for your favorite music or video? First you launch the Clock application and then you tap timer.  Below the dials for adjusting the hours and minutes, tap on the When Timer Ends button.  Scroll past the sound effects and click Stop Playing.  Now, your iOS device such as your iPhone or iPod will stop playing whatever music or video is running when the timer runs out.

Calculator Your calculator comes in handy, especially when trying to figure out a tip at your favorite restaurant.  But did you know it also offers a scientific camera too? To enable it, just rotate your iPhone or iPod from portrait to landscape mode.

Voice Memo Instead of using Voice Memo to secretly record conversations, did you know you can create custom ringtones? The possibilities are endless! Launch the Voice Memo application and record your future ringtone and email it to yourself.  Download the recording on your Mac.  It will be in the .m4a extension. Rename the file so that it ends with .m4r.  Double-click the file and drag it to iTunes and it will be instantly recognized as a ringtune, which you can sync back to your iOS device.

Weather We use the Weather application on a daily basis to decide what to wear and where to go.  Did you know you can see an hourly breakdown for the rest of the day’s forecast by tapping on the Weather app’s interface. These are just a few of the many hidden features with iOS devices.  If you know of any others please don’t hesitate in sharing them in the comments below. Did you know about these hidden iOS features? Did you find them useful? Let us know!