Apple Increases iPhone Repair Prices

Apple Increases iPhone Repair Prices


After announcing the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X on September 12, 2017, Apple silently changed iPhone screen replacement repair prices across the board. We monitor these changes closely so we can bring our customers the best service at the most competitive rates. We are happy to announce that iHospital's iPhone screen repair prices are now more competitive than ever!


This graphic shows iHospital's iPhone screen repairs are around $20-$30 less than Apple. 


iHospital Apple
Warranty:  1 Year Warranty:  90 Days
Appointment Required:  No Appointment Required: Yes
Repair Wait Time: 30-60 minutes* Repair Wait Time: approx. 1 hour**


iHospital also uses the highest quality parts available backed with a 1-Year Manufacturing Defect Warranty, no matter the age of the device. We never require an appointment, and most screen repairs can be completed while you wait.

Make sure you're ready to upgrade to the newest iPhones this fall by trading in your current device - free from defect. Now is the best time to take advantage of these awesome repair prices at iHospital. Find a location near you, or use our fast and convenient Mail-In Repair Service.



*iHospital completion times vary from store to store due to staffing, volume of repairs, and part availability.

**Apple completion times are approximate estimates and should not be considered binding.