China Unicom Executive Leaks iPhone 5 HSPA+ '4G' Support

China Unicom Executive Leaks iPhone 5 HSPA+ '4G' Support


During a presentation at this week’s Macworld Asia a China Unicom executive reportedly confirmed the iPhone 5 will support HSPA+ “4G” technology. Japanese Blog Macotakara made the report with another Japanese site, PC Watch, snapping the above photograph.

Japanese IT news site "PC Watch" tells that, Research vice president of China Unicom, Huan Wenliang, told iPhone 5 will support W-CDMA based high-speed data transfer standard HSPA Evolution "HSPA+" (21Mbps) at keynote speech in Macworld Asia 2011. — Macotakara

Rumors surrounding Apple supporting the faster LTE 4G technology—if Wenliang is right—appear to be false. Apple has held off in supporting 4G technologies citing the current 4G chips needed still don’t meet Apple’s size and power consumption criteria. However, if the iPhone 5 does support HSPA+ it is a small victory for those hoping for a faster 4G experience, even if the technology is probably more accurately described as “3.5G.”

It’s interesting that China Unicom’s Wenliang would divulge this kind of information about the iPhone 5 and still not have a picture of what the device looks like in his presentation. Obviously they don’t want to make Apple angry, but why address such specific network and phone details if there hasn’t been an official announcement? I can’t imagine why Unicom would make unfounded, non-supported claims at Macworld Asia, which is why this bit of information appears legit. At least we know one thing about the iPhone 5. This article originally appeared on ModMyi and has been republished with permission.