How to Print to a Shared PC Printer

How to Print to a Shared PC Printer


This post describes how to print from a Mac OS X computer to a shared printer that is connected to a Windows XP machine. Many people have home networks set up to share files. What happens when  people have both a Mac and a PC and want to print? Some people do it the hard way and disconnect everything from one computer and add it to the other each time they want to print.  Did you know there's an easier way? Our D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices wrote this article with you in mind!

How to Print to a Shared PC Printer Like the Pros Do

1) Find the IP address of your PC computer.  It's easy to do this. First, you have to go to "Start" and then go to "Run". Type in cmd and click run. Next, type in ipconfig /all and hit enter.  Your PC's address will pop up right away. 2) Share the printer on your PC. Open "Printers" and find the printer you wish to share and right-click it and choose Share.  Now click the "Share this Printer" radio button and choose a sharing name. Try and keep it as simple as possible. 3) Go to your Mac and open up a web browser. Type localhost:631 in the address bar. 4) Click the "Add Printer" link. 5) Type in a name for the printer and make sure you don't include /,# or space characters. Click continue. 6) Select the Windows Printer via SMBA from the Device list. Click contiue.

7) For the URl, you need to include the password and username for an account on your PC. You then need to enter a URl in the following format: smb://username:password@ipaddress/printer 8) Now it's time to choose the make of your pinter, or if you have a PPD file for the printer, pick that. Click continue and choose your printer. Click Add Printer. 9) All done! You also have a list of options for changing all of the properties of the printer. There are various reasons why you might need to share a printer between a a PC and a Mac.  We hope you enjoyed this post on how to do just that! Let us know in the comments below any tips and tricks you may have relating to this subject!