How To Properly Use iMessage In iOS 5

How To Properly Use iMessage In iOS 5


One of the biggest reasons to still be using a BlackBerry is BBM and with the release of iOS 5, the iPhone will have its own version called iMessage. It's better than normal texting but comes with its own qualms, including an endless array of scary social dilemmas which may arise. By being properly informed, anyone can navigate through iMessage and avoid an endless array of frustration. Below are some tips to use iMessage stress free:

Inform Others You Have Read Their Messages

If you are or were at some point a BlackBerry user you will know how inconvenient the potential burden of people knowing when you have read their messages is. Much like BBM, iMessage displays when a message has been delivered through Apple’s servers (a good way to alleviate the uncertainty of unreliable cell networks) but iMessage also displays the exact time at which you IM’s have been read. This can be a tricky and sticky situation which may lead to tension. It also happens to be one of the most interesting parts of iMessage – a way of feeling better connected with friends, family, and others by linking up through your iPhone. Knowing that someone read your message in real-time is very gratifying but it’s only fun if everyone is in on it – so we suggest keeping the feature on, unless you are going to be busy for a while. This way your friends won’t get the idea that you’re interested in a conversation when you aren’t. To quickly turn on/off message read notifications, navigate to Settings > Messages > Send Read Receipts.

Don’t Get Angry If You Don’t Get An Immediate Response

This seems to be a problem for many old text messagers and new ones too and it will potentially get worse with iMessage. Generally, people tend to get pissed off if you don’t reply relatively quickly. None of us seem to have the patience and if we don’t get immediate or close to immediate responses to texts or IMs, we take it personally when we shouldn’t. There are multiple reasons why someone might not be able to respond within a few minutes (and in some cases a few hours) but sometimes we just don’t feel like texting right away which is perfectly fine! We don’t have to be slaves to our iPhones, even with iMessage.

Easily Avoid Those You Hate (or Just Don’t Want To Speak To Much)

There is a loophole in iMessage you can utilize if you want to dodge someone you can’t stand, are trying to avoid, or just plain don’t like talking to. If you want to screen iMessages without informing people you have read their messages, just read them from the iOS 5 Notification Center which you can swipe down from the notification bar at the top of the screen. Just make sure Messages are stuck into the Notification pane (navigate to Settings > Notifications > “In Notification Center”) and you can sneakily check your messages without others knowing. There is one caveat to this method though: long messages can’t be read entirely from the Notification Center.

Finish Your Thoughts After Starting To Type

When you start to write an iMessage, a symbol in the iMessage window will indicate that you are writing – much like the way Aim and Google Chat have always worked. Although this is a nifty way to make a conversation seem more interactive and lively, it can also cause a lot of frustration. Informing someone that you have started writing but are not sending anything leaves them high and dry. If you start something we’d recommend finishing it – even if you stall by telling them you are busy or tell them to hold on; it’s nicer than just leaving them hanging (which is quite rude).

Avoid Being Annoying

Another nifty feature with iMessage is the ability to talk with animated GIFs. It’s potentially awesome but can also be very obnoxious. Spamming your friends will slow down their iPhone when they try to message back. Just like everything else use the animations in moderation. Now that you know how to avoid being annoying to friends you may have just figured out how to annoy people who you may not particularly like.

Final Thoughts

iMessage is a great nifty tool which many will come to enjoy using but like anything else, it has its perks as well as its qualms. Knowing how to proceed from the get go will avoid a lot of frustration later on so soak up the information before iOS 5 is released on October 12. For those of you who already have iOS 5 GM and have been testing the betas, what do you think of iMessage? Do you have any other suggestions to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below! Source: ModMyi