Domain Obtained by Apple Domain Obtained by Apple


iPhone 5

We recently wrote about 3 reasons why the next iPhone will be called the iPhone 5, and we’re here to share reason number four! Earlier this month, the folks at Apple filed a claim with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to obtain ownership of the domian.  Up until now, was home to a small, independent forum.  

According to The Next Web, the case has ended which means that the dispute over has been resolved without WIPO having to get involved. As it currently stands the domain is being held by brand protection firm Corporation Service Company, most likely on behalf of Apple.  The domain currently shows a blank page.  We think they should add a snazzy picture of what the iPhone 5 might look like!

The move to gain control of plus the reasons we wrote about earlier are leading many Apple fans to believe the next iPhone will definitely be called the iPhone 5.  Experts are warning people not to get too excited as Apple may be protecting its iPhone trademarks and also trying to control content at what will likely be a popular destination for those looking for information on the next generation iPhone.

Interested in purchasing You’re out of luck.  That domain has changed hands many times. It was first registered in Dubai in 2007.  Soon afterwards, ownership moved to South Korea and ever since 2007, ownership has been kept private and there is no site associated with the address.  Perhaps we should think about iPhone7, iPhone8 and iPhone9?

In the end, our D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices think the next generation iPhone will be called either the iPhone 5 or simply “iPhone” similar to the new iPad. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.