Run Roo Run Review - iTunes Free App of the Week

Run Roo Run Review - iTunes Free App of the Week


run roo run app review

Free App – Run Roo Run – iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Application – 3 IV’s

What is Run Roo Run?

Run Roo Run is a games application created by game developer 5TH Cell.  Your character is a mother kangaroo who travels across Australia from Perth to Sydney looking for her captured Joey.  The current version of this game is rated 4.5 stars in iTunes based on 747 ratings to date. Run Roo Run is also this weeks iTunes free app of the week too! Make sure you download it prior to Wednesday as it will go back to its regular price on Thursday morning.

What did you like about it?

Run Roo Run is a top-notch iPhone app that will quickly become one of your favorites similar to Angry Birds, Draw Something and Scrabble.  Like those games, it's loaded with simplistic appeal and is based on an easy concept that all levels of gamers will enjoy.

In Run Roo Run, your character is Roo, an extremely fast kangaroo who's baby Joey has been captured and taken to the other side of Australia.  Your mission is to travel across Australia through 20 chapters.  In this game, Roo runs automatically so all you have to do is tap the screen to jump when needed.  There are tons of spikes, water and catci so you'll be tapping furiously to avoid being killed. Each chapter is divided into 15 levels and after you master all of those, six more unlockable levels become available.  You'll also get a new gameplay mechanic with each new chapter and run into crumbling platforms, ridable clouds, oil slicks and much more.

What didn't you like about Run Roo Run?

This game is extremely fast paced.  Some levels can be mastered in a couple of seconds.

Where can you get Run Roo Run?

You can download Run Roo Run for free this week in the App Store. Review by D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices Sam SchlamiHospital in Atlanta, Georgia free apps review