iHospital’s Apple TV Services

We have repaired thousands of Apple devices…and counting! One of the unique qualities about iHospital is that we specialize in Apple products ONLY. Many other repair shops fix various brands, which doesn’t allow for the same type of focus or attention to detail. Our knowledge and workmanship exceeds that of the competition…even the “Geniuses” at the Apple Store.

Apple TV packs a lot of power into a small shell. It has a logic board, airport card, power supply, and hard drive.* These parts are the same found in computers. Like computers any of these parts in an Apple TV can stop working at some point in time. Good thing we’re the experts when it comes to small part replacements!

Apple products are the most reliable on the market, but nothing lasts forever.Stop by the nearest iHospital today for a routine check-up on your Apple TV.

*Certain models excluded

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