iHospital’s HomePod Repair

Music has been the heart of Apple ever since Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPod and iTunes way back in 2001. The HomePod is the next generation audio experience in a compact and elegant design. This home speaker packs a powerful high-fidelity sound punch that works alone or in a stereo pair.*

Just like any electronic device, things might go wrong or might not be working the way as expected with your HomePod. We’re here to help if you run into performance issues. iHospital offers free diagnostic services that can help get you back to listening to Apple Music and giving Siri voice commands on your HomePod.

Free HomePod Diagnostic Service / Repair Estimate
Pick the HomePod Diagnostic Service when you aren’t sure what’s exactly wrong with your HomePod. We’ll provide you with a free estimate.

More HomePod Repairs Coming Soon

*Requires iOS 11.4 Update

Repair at Location Repair by Mail

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