Get the most out of your iPod

It’s hard to believe Steve Jobs introduced us all to iPods in 2001! At iHospital we understand how devices become a large part of our daily lives; we develop a bond and attachment. iHospital’s credo is to repair instead of replace, so your memories and data are left intact.

iHospital offers a wide range of services for iPods including (but not limited to): LCD replacement, battery replacement, front and back camera replacement (iPod Touch), click wheel replacement, hard drive replacement (iPod Video and Classic), headphone jack replacement, charging dock replacement, data recovery services, and liquid damage clean-out service.

iHospital backs its parts and labor with industry standard Manufacture Warranties. No matter the age of the device you’ll be covered from any defects or flaws. There’s no appointment requirement for any repair or service at iHospital. Bring your device by today for free diagnosis. Not near an iHospital location? Check out our convenient Mail-In program!

iPod Models That We Repair

We offer every repair imaginable on all Apple Products. We repair all makes and models of the iPod, including the:

iPod Classic

iPod Touch

iPod Nano

iPod Shuffle

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