iHospital’s Data Backup & Recovery Services

Thumb drive being inserted into computerBacking up your device is very important. We understand that sometimes this can be forgotten or overlooked. If you have never backed up your device, or haven’t in a while, we suggest using iTunes or iCloud.

Data Backup
If iTunes and iCloud backups are not viable solutions, iHospital can copy important files (pictures, videos, messages, voice memos, etc.) from your device onto a flash drive or external hard drive. This service is only available if the device turns on, a passcode is provided (if there is one), and the device is in working order.

Data Recovery Service
We’ve got you covered too if you need to retrieve data from a device that is not in working order (no power, doesn’t respond to touch, no image on screen, etc.). This service usually requires using good parts to “Frankenstein” the device to a state that is mostly usable.

A data recovery specialist will be required in the event data cannot be recovered by our methods. iHospital is proudly partnered with Drive Savers Data Recovery. Data recovery pricing through Drive Savers varies depending on the severity of damage, and full or partial recovery. For more information, please contact your nearest iHospital.

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