iHospital’s Time Capsule Services

Time Capsule is a unique product because it is like a mini computer that backs up your main computer. It has a logic board, airport card, hard drive, and power supply. All these parts are similar to those found in a Mac, and what also makes it alike is these parts can slowly fail over time… But not to worry, it can absolutely be fixed. That’s where we come in!

Apple products are the most reliable on the market, but nothing lasts forever. Make sure you are prepared for the unexpected! iHospital offers an Advanced Triage Service where our DiD’s will decipher the problems and pinpoint the correct repair to fix your Time Capsule’s issues.

Come see us today with your Time Capsule and we’ll apply one of our many services backed by warranty to help get you back on track. If you don’t see your issue listed here check with one of our locations to find out more. Let’s get you back to enjoying life and not worrying about your backups!

Advanced Triage:
A diagnostic service our DiD’s use to determine the exact cause of your issues and offer a price quote for all necessary repairs. Stop by for a free diagnosis to check the health of your Time Capsule. Don’t bother with long lines and appointments. Visit an iHospital at any time for speedy service from the Doctors you can trust!

Free Time Capsule Diagnostic Service / Repair Estimate:
Pick the Time Capsule Diagnosis Service when you aren’t sure what’s exactly wrong with your Time Capsule. We’ll provide you with a free estimate.

Hard Drive Replacement:
Select this service to correct failing or failed internal drive, which includes no longer being able to backup using Time Machine or sluggish performance when accessing Time Machine backups. This repair can also be selected to upgrade the storage capacity if you’re running out of space for your backups.

Time Capsule Data Recovery Service:
Select this repair if your Time Capsule is damaged beyond repair, but requires data retrieval. Your Time Machine backups can be transferred to a separate external storage device.

Repair at Location Repair by Mail

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