Get the most out of your Apple Watch Series 3

We use our Apple watches every day, they have become part of us and we don’t want to consider anything ever happening to our favorite device. Accidents happen though, and we want you to know that iHospital has you covered with any need you could have for your Apple watch. If you happen to have an accident which causes you screen to break, we offer replacement displays which will come with the same industry leading one year warranty as all of our display replacements, offered in all sizes and configurations. Often times when the display is damaged the Force touch sensor is damaged as well. If the watch is not responding properly to force touch activation or is physically damaged we can replace the force touch sensor to fix these issues. Replacement batteries are available for both the 38mm as well as the 42 mm, in the instance that your battery has swollen or is aging or worn out. We also have many upgrades available for the Apple watch to add some cosmetic improvements. Gold plating is available in both 18K yellow gold as well as rose gold options to help your device fit in with your other devices or to add some aesthetic to improve the look of your watch, we also include the service for your favorite metallic band and extra bands can also be plated for an extra cost. Whether you want to have a repair completed to correct an issue or improve the look of your Apple watch, iHospital is a one stop shop for all of your needs.

Display Replacement: A repair offered to correct a damaged or cracked Apple watch display. Display replacements come with our industry leading one year warranty.

Force Touch Sensor Replacement: A repair offered to correct a malfunctioning or damaged force touch sensor, which will correct issues with pressure sensing while using the display or replace a damaged or broken force touch sensor.

Battery replacement: A repair offered to replace the internal battery on an Apple watch in instances where the life of the battery has declined, or the battery is swelling or no longer working.

Gold Plating Service: A service offered to change the look of an apple watch by adding a layer of gold plating to compliment the look of your Apple watch, or to match your Apple watch color to your other devices. Available in both traditional yellow gold as well as rose gold.

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