iPad Air 2 Repair

Whatever the issue is with your iPad Air 2, iHospital has you covered! From the bottom charging port to the headphone jack and everything in between the iHospital specializes in getting your device back on track.

We offer digitizer replacement to get rid of those nasty cracks or touch sensitivity issues, also we can replace the LCD if the image is distorted or the display is not functioning properly. We offer a dock connector replacement if your device does not seem to be charging, or if you are having issues backing up your device. If your iPad’s front or rear camera is blurry, non functional or has issues with autofocus we offer both front and rear Camera Replacements. Headphone broke off in the headphone port or headphones not working? Don’t worry, one of our DID’s can either remove the obstruction or install a replacement headphone jack. Replacement speakers are also available if the internal sound is distorted, muffled, or not producing any sound. For Wifi or cellular issues we offer replacement antenna installations and replacement SIM card holders that can correct issues with low signal or network connection issues. We also offer replacement buttons if you have a non working power button, home button* or volume buttons/mute switch. If you dropped your iPad and have dents on the corner we have specialized tools and off flat rate hardware repairs to assist in getting your iPad back into shape! We offer a liquid cleaning service for the iPad if you had an accident and liquids were involved. If the software is not functioning properly or your iPad will not boot properly we offer flat rate software repairs and restore services to help correct your software issues. For those times when you simply want the data from your device we also offer Data recovery services.

If your iPad simply is not working correctly and you would like us to diagnose your condition, stop in for our Advanced Triage Service, our techs will inform you of the inflictions and provide potential remedies to the problems your iPad is having. Whatever the problem is with your iPad iHospital is here for you, stop in and see us today!

Advanced Triage Service: A diagnostic service our DID’s use to determine the exact cause of your issues and offer the necessary remedy to the issue.

Digitizer replacement: A service offered to replace the front glass panel to correct issues with cracks or touch sensitivity issues such as ghosting or dead spots where touch input is not recognized.

LCD Replacement: A service offered to replace the internal LCD of an iPad to fix issues where display is producing distorted images, is damaged or broken, or is not producing any image at all.

Dock Connector Replacement: A service in which the lightning port or 30 pin adapter is replaced to correct issues with charging or inability to connect to iTunes to perform backup functions.

Headphone Jack Replacement: A service offered to replace the headphone jack where an obstruction is blocking access, or the headphones are not connecting properly.

WIFI Antenna Replacement: A service offered to correct antenna issues such as low WIFI signal strength or inability to see local WIFI networks.

Cellular Antenna Replacement: A service which corrects internal cellular antenna issues, low signal strength and inability to connect to cellular networks.

Replacement Sim Card Holder: A service to correct “NO SIM” errors, or issues connecting to a SIM card and connecting to a network.

Button Repair: A service offered to replace the buttons or correct issues with sticking buttons or non functional power, volume, or home buttons.

Flat Rate Hardware Repair: A service offered when replacement parts are not necessary for a repair, the technician simply uses labor to correct an issue with the iPad.

Liquid Cleaning Service: Offered when a device has been exposed to liquid and is not functioning properly. This service has the ability to restore functions, and assist in data recovery on liquid damaged devices.

Data Recovery Services: A service to help retrieve data from a device that is in a non functional state or a normal backup cannot be completed.

Speaker Replacement: A service offered if it is determined you have a blown speaker, or if there may be physical or liquid damage to the internal speakers.

Camera Replacement: A service offered to replace the front or rear camera, will correct blurry pictures, non functional camera, or issues with autofocus.

*replacement home buttons are unavailable for models with touch ID

Please note this list of iPad Air 2 repairs is not an exhaustive list. If you are interested in having a repair or upgrade that is not included here, please contact one of our D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices.

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