iHospital’s Liquid Damage Cleaning Service

Water and electronics do not mix! Almost everyone, at some point, has experienced the heart-sinking feeling when their iPad ends up in a bathtub, left out in the rain, or is just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The best plan of action if this happens is to skip the rice and bring the tablet straight to a repair specialist.

At iHospital, each device is treated with a sense of urgency and delicacy; similar to the treatment you would expect during a real medical emergency. We work to quickly remove any pooling water in the device. Next, we carefully disconnect the battery to avoid shorting out the main logic board.

The full Liquid Damage Cleaning Service involves removing all internal components and soaking in a electronic cleaning solution for 12-24 hours. The iPad is reassembled with the original parts once all have been completely dried. Next, we test. If any components fail testing new parts are installed to see if the issues can be resolved. A repair quote will be given if additional part(s) need to be replaced.

Not sure if your iPad as been exposed to liquid? Our certified technicians will be happy to take a look – no appointment necessary. Skip the long lines and noisy crowds at Apple; stop by iHospital today!

This cleaning service must be paid in full at time of check-in. iHospital maintains a high success rate with Liquid Damage cleanings, but we cannot guarantee the results due to the unique nature of liquid damage. This service is non-refundable or transferable.

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