iPhone 6 Plus repair

Cracked screens seem to be the most common, we offer our same industry leading 1 year warranty* we offer with all of our display replacements and includes replacement of the Retina LCD and digitizer both. We also offer dock connector replacement for sound, charging, or headphone jack issues. Blown speaker? We can replace this as well. Taptic engine no longer functional? We have a fix for that too. If you are having issues with any buttons such as volume buttons, power button, or your mute switch these services are offered and typically solve those issues. If you have a non functional front or rear camera we can typically replace those and get you back to snapping photos on the fly, replacement camera lenses are also available.

With Apple’s new software implementations its very important to keep a healthy battery in order to take full advantage of the A10 processor, benchmarks show significant slowdowns if the battery is not in a healthy state. Our Battery replacement service will give your phone a new lease on life. SPLASH! Don’t worry we also offer a liquid cleaning service for those times when the phone decides to go swimming, which can not only save your device if possible but also can help to retrieve any data that was stored on the device. Data recovery services are offered for this device as well, when you simply want your data from the device, or other times when normal backups would be impossible. If you are not sure what services you might need with offer an advanced triage service, our DID’s will decipher the issue and pinpoint the correct repair to fix your phone’s issues. Come see us today with your iPhone 6 Plus issues and we’ll apply one of our many services backed by warranty to help get you back on track with your personal or business’ device. We have plenty of other repair and upgrade offerings for the iPhone 6 Plus, if you don’t see your issue listed here check with one of our locations to find out more. Lets get you back to enjoying your iPhone 6 Plus!

Advanced Triage:
A diagnostic service our DID’s use to determine the exact cause of your issues and offer the necessary repairs.

Display Replacement:
A service to correct cracks in the iPhone glass or digitizer, correct Retina LCD issues or repair any digitizer malfunction such as ghosting, dead spots or other issues related to the display. Both the LCD and digitizer will be replaced during this process which will refresh the look of the phone.

Dock connector replacement:
A service designed to correct issues you may have with the dock connector including headphone jack, charging port, sound related issues or haptic engine problems.

Speaker replacement:
A service offered if it is determined you have a blown speaker, or if there may be physical or liquid damage to the internal speakers.

Taptic engine replacement:
A service to correct failing or failed taptic engine.

Button repair:
A service offered to repair malfunctioning buttons whether they may be stuck or malfunctioning.

Camera replacement:
A service we offer to correct issues with camera such as no focus, blurry pictures, or non functional cameras.

Camera lens replacement:
A service to repair cracked, scratched, or missing rear camera lenses that exist on the exterior of the phone.

Battery replacement:
This service is designed to replace the internal battery due to old age, performance issues, swelling, or phone dying at random percentages.

Liquid damage:
A service offered in attempt to save a device which was involved in a liquid related incident which can restore function where possible and assist in recovering lost data.

Data recovery:
Offered when the device no longer powers on, or has issues that make backing up impossible.

*One year warranty subject to terms and conditions.

Please note this list of iPhone 6 Plus repairs is not an exhaustive list. If you are interested in having a repair or upgrade that is not included here, please contact one of our D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices.

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