iPhone XR Repair

The iPhone XR is an amazing phone with the same abilities as the XS and XS Max but has some extra color options, as well as a lower price range. This phone will prove to be an immense value compared to its counterparts, due to its Liquid Retina display and aerospace-grade aluminum body manufacturing the device is less expensive, allowing for a greater value with the same great features as the XS and XS Max. The display is the most innovative LCD’s on the market, with a new backlight design which allows the screen to stretch into the corners and is the most color accurate LCD display ever manufactured, also being the largest LCD installed into a smartphone. Tap to wake is an exciting new addition to the display functionality as well, we are certainly pleased to see this addition. The XR camera has some major improvements for a single lens camera system, using machine learning to allow for portrait mode and advanced bokeh effect and allowing you to adjust the depth of field after you shoot and also includes a new Smart HDR using a faster sensor to bring more highlight and shadow detail to photos. The Waterproofing on this model also has been improved along with its counterparts, upgraded to an IPV68 rating improving the phones ability to withstand exposure moisture and liquids. One of the major reasons customers are going to be attracted to the XR is the reimplementation of color choices. There are six color variants to the iPhone XR, new colors such as coral, yellow and blue are new, while the Product Red, White and Black will seem more familiar, all of these color options will certainly prove to be an advantage for this product. Advanced Face ID, Wireless charging, True depth cameras, IPV68 and all the other features available in this product will allow you to enjoy the same great features as the XS and XS Max and save money at the same time. iHospital fully supports the iPhone XR, if your phone happens to need repair iHospital is behind you with our industry leading warranties and the same fast pace repair you are used to with all of your other devices. Stop into iHospital today for a checkup!

Advanced Triage:
A diagnostic service our DID’s use to determine the exact cause of your issues and offer a price quote for all necessary repairs.

Display Replacement:
A service to correct cracks in the iPhone glass or digitizer, correct Retina OLED issues or repair any digitizer malfunction such as ghosting, dead spots, or other issues related to the display. Both the OLED and digitizer will be replaced during this process. It will look as good as new.

Charging Lightning Dock Replacement:
A service designed to correct issues you may have with the dock connector including failure to sync to a computer, pins in the dock connector are bent or broken, your iPhone is not charging, sound related issues, or Taptic Engine problems.

Induction Charging Replacement:
A service offered to correct issues you may have with fast wireless charging not working properly; such as the iPhone battery not charging via wireless methods.

Speaker Replacement:
A service offered if it is determined you have a blown speaker, or if there may be physical or liquid damage to the internal speakers.

Taptic Engine Replacement:
A service to correct failing or failed Taptic Engine, which includes no vibration or weak vibration.

Button Repair:
A service offered to repair malfunctioning buttons whether they may be stuck, not clicking, or do not produce the proper function when pressed.

Camera Replacement:
A service we offer to correct issues with either the front FaceID Camera or rear camera; such as no focus, blurry pictures, or the camera app not responding.

Camera Lens Replacement:
A service to repair cracked, scratched, or missing rear camera lenses on the back of the phone, which protect the internal camera.

Back Glass Replacement:
This service replaces your iPhone’s back glass that may be cracked or scratched.

Battery Replacement:
This service is designed to replace the internal battery due to old age, performance issues, swelling, or phone dying at random percentages.

Liquid Damage Clean-Out Service:
A service offered in attempt to save a device which was involved in a liquid related incident. It’s important to get your iPhone to us as quickly as possible to restore function where possible and assist in recovering data.

Data Recovery Service:
Offered when the device no longer powers on, or has issues that make backing up impossible. We’ll work to save photos, text messages, voice mail, notes, etc.

Free iPhone Diagnostic Service / Repair Estimate
Pick the iPhone X Diagnostic Service when you aren’t sure what’s exactly wrong with your iPhone. We’ll provide you with a free estimate.

*One year warranty subject to terms and conditions.

Please note this list of iPhone X repairs is not an exhaustive list. If you are interested in having a repair or upgrade that is not included here, please contact one of our D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices.

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