iHospital’s Unlocking Service

We’re happy to let you know iHospital can now permanently unlock ALL iPhones. That’s right, iHospital can unlock your AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile iPhone to be used on any GSM carrier world wide. Additionally, no appointment is needed and we are able to complete the unlock remotely. This means you get to keep your phone with you, with no interruption to your current service.

iHospital’s IMEI unlock is a permanent iPhone unlock solution. Once unlocked, your iPhone will remain unlocked even after an iOS upgrade or SIM card swap. IMEI unlocks are considered an iPhone factory unlock that works with any model iPhone regardless of baseband. Our unlock solution requires no additional software or hardware to unlock your iPhone.

Why Would You Want to Unlock Your iPhone?
Some carriers such as AT&T require you to lock into a two-year contract, which means you can’t use any other carrier or SIM card. This can be very annoying if you wish to roam, or switch SIM cards for a more affordable plan. After you visit iHospital to get your iPhone unlocked, you’ll be able to swap SIM cards for various GSM carriers with more affordable service plans.

Another popular reason for getting your GSM iPhone unlocked is for when you’re travelling outside of the United States. As we all know, it is easy to rack up enormous bills when roaming internationally. Unlocking your iPhone can help avoid this roaming nightmare. You can choose the SIM that’s right for you; domestic or foreign, prepaid or not. Rest easy knowing you’ll have cheaper rates for calls and data. Pretty awesome right?

Don’t forget, no appointment is needed when you visit iHospital to unlock your iPhone, or for any other repair/service. You can also e-mail or call us to unlock your iPhone if you are not near a current iHospital location.

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