Mac Data Backup/Recovery

iHospital's Data Backup & Recovery Services

Backing up your Mac is so important. We understand that sometimes this can be forgotten or overlooked. If you haven't ever backed up your Mac, or haven't in a while, we suggest doing it STAT!

Data Backup
Not sure how to back up your Mac? Swing by an iHospital and we'll get you started with a Time Machine backup. You'll need an external hard drive with enough space to save all those important files. We stock external hard drives for purchase if you need one of those too. This service is only available if the Mac boots, and is in working order.

Data Recovery
iHospital also offers a Data Recovery Service if you need to retrieve files from a Mac that is not in working order (no power, no image on screen, flashing folder on start up, etc.). This service usually requires more elbow grease to get the job done.

A data recovery specialist will be required in the event data cannot be saved by our methods. iHospital is proudly partnered with Drive Savers Data Recovery Specialists. Data recovery pricing through Drive Savers varies depending on the severity of damage, and full or partial recovery. For more information please contact your nearest iHospital.