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Apple enthusiasts, photographers, video editors, animators and musicians can all rejoice, we have been granted the pro model iMac which we asked for. Apple did not disappoint with the iMac Pro, its jam packed with the most powerful graphics and processors ever available in a mac, powering a stunning 5K display in a sleek, all in one design. With the iMac Pro you can choose up to 18 cores, with Turbo Boost up to 4.5 GHz allowing for the power and flexibility to balance multicore processing with single thread performance. With the new vector instructions and a new cache architecture the processor is able to handle a lot more data, at a much faster rate allowing you to render images and video up to 8k, manipulate your photos or add realtime audio effects at lightning speed. Radeon Pro Vega graphics also allow iMac pro to deliver the best graphics processing ever included in a mac allowing for gameplay at the highest settings, more lifelike special effects, real time 3D rendering, and higher VR framerates up to 22 teraflops half prescision, 11 teraflops full precision. iMac pro can also accommodate up to 128 GB of memory, allowing you to run more simultaneous tasks than ever before. IHospital offers customer tailored RAM and storage upgrades to help you get more out of your productivity, even after the time of purchase and are more reasonably priced than Apple. Up to 4 TB flash storage allows you to work on large 4K and HD projects, and with up to 3 GB/s throughput loading the files and launching your apps will be faster than ever. The new T2 chip provides new capablities for the mac along with the secure enclave coprocessor allow for more secure computing, encrypting your data on the SSD using dedicated AES hardware, without effecting the speed of the SSD and without affecting the Xeon processors performance. Four Thunderbolt 3 ports allow for connectivity like never before, see your work on a big screen, add extra storage, and connect more peripherals at faster rates that before with USB 3.1 and DisplayPort video output over USBC. The new display is stunning, 27 inches of beauty with 500 nits of brightness powering 14.7 million pixels allowing for the iMac to deliver spectacularly realistic image and video. Music producers, editors and musicians alike will appreciate the new sound system design, allowing for rich bass, broad frequency response, at a higher volume. The Space Gray Magic Keyboard includes a numeric keypad and is paired with your choice of the new magic Mouse 2, or the Magic trackpad 2 in matching color. iMac pro is pushing the limits on what can be done with a personnal computer, iHospital is pushing the limits on what can be repaired and upgraded, and time and cost associated with these upgrades and repairs. Contact iHospital today to max out or repair your iMac pro, we are here for your needs!

Advance Triage: A service our DID’s use to pinpoint the cause of your computer issue and provide options for repairs to correct the issue.

Mac Software Tune up: A service offered to clear up any software issues such as data corruption, slow boot times, software incompatibility issues and other software issues not related to hardware.

Hardware repair: A repair service where a hardware issue can be corrected without the need for replacing parts, but requires technical labor to be used.

Main logic board depot repair: A service offered to correct any issues you may be having with your main logic board. This service comes with an industry leading one year warranty.

Liquid cleaning service: A whole unit repair offered to remove liquid, corrosion or liquid residue from a computer and all of its parts to attempt to correct issues stemming from a liquid spill.

Liquid damage Depot Repair: A service offered to remove any damage caused by liquid incidents and guarantees all computer functions afterward. This service comes with an industry leading one year warranty.

Magsafe replacement: A repair offered to replace the internal magsafe adapter, typically needed if the magsafe port becomes physically or liquid damaged and will not accept a charge.

Speaker replacement: A repair offered to correct muffled, distorted, blown, or non functional internal speakers.

Bluetooth/Wifi/Ethernet repair: Repair services offered to repair or replace your internal WIFI or bluetooth card or correct issues with the ethernet port.

Optical drive replacement: A service offered to replace a faulty internal superdrive, or swap the internal superdrive with a hard drive enclosure to add storage space or increase performance.

Fan Replacement: A service offered to replace the internal fan or fans in a computer due to noisy operation or non function of the internal fan(s).

Boot Camp Setup: A service offered to partition the internal hard drive and install Windows on a mac in a dual boot configuration using Boot Camp. *Customer must provide a valid copy of Windows operating system.

Windows Migration: A service offered to transfer the data from a windows PC to a Mac or Boot Camp partition existing on a Mac.

Data Transfer Service: A service offered to transfer the data from a computer to another computer.

Data Backup Service: A service offered to perform a backup of the computer to an external disk.

Data Recovery Service: A service offered to retrieve lost data in the case of a non functional computer, failing or corrupted hard drive or any other situation where a normal backup is not possible.

Solid State Drive Replacement: A service offered to replace a failing or failed internal drive or upgrade the storage to a faster data retrieval rate and/or increase capacity.

Ram Upgrade/Replacement Service: A service offered to replace faulty RAM, or add additional RAM modules to increase multitasking abilities and improve overall performance of the computer. Some configurations have RAM soldered to the main logic board and cannot be upgraded.

Graphics Card Upgrade/Replacement: A repair offered to replace the internal grapics card of a mac that exhibits graphical distortion, booting to white screen, booting to blue screen, vertical and horizontal lines and other issues that affect the computer display signal not associated with a damaged display. We can also upgrade the internal graphics card to increase VRAM or display capabilities and increase system performance during graphic intensive tasks.

LCD/Display replacement: A repair offered to replace a damaged or non functional display or LCD.

iMac Pro (2017)

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