iHospital’s Liquid Damage Service – Mac

Accidents happen! Issues from liquid damage can widely range from minor to severe; a few keys not working on the keyboard, to the computer not turning on. We suggest not trying any “home remedies” to dry your computer that can cause more harm.

iHospital offers in-store liquid damage cleaning service on all Mac computers for minor liquid mishaps. All internal components are removed and carefully cleaned using a special electronics cleaning solution. The Mac is reassembled with the original parts once all are completely dry.

After the computer is reassembled, any components that fail testing are notated and new parts are installed to see if the issue(s) are resolved. A new repair quote will be given if any additional part(s) need to be replaced.

If you’ve had the heart-stopping experience of your computer coming into contact with coffee, wine, water, or other liquid it might require our more robust Depot liquid damage cleaning. We will send the whole computer to our off-site Depot Repair Facility for a flat rate repair with a very high success rate.

Each component is carefully inspected by iHospital’s highly skilled Depot crew. Parts that can be repaired are fixed and reused. Parts that have been damaged beyond repair are replaced. Any part repaired or replaced comes with an industry leading 1-Year Warranty** against defects.

In any case, bring your computer straight to us if you suspect any liquid exposure; we can work quickly to remove any pooling liquid in the computer and disconnect the battery to avoid shorting out parts.

Not sure if your Mac liquid exposure damage? Our certified technicians will be happy to take a look – no appointment necessary!

Advanced Triage:
This diagnostic service is used to determine the exact cause of your Mac issues and offer a price quote for all necessary repairs. Our trained and certified technicians will determine if an in-store or Depot liquid cleaning is necessary.

In-Store Liquid Damage Cleaning:
A full liquid cleaning service is performed in-store when the computer is mostly functional, but might show some signs of failure. Example: some keys on keyboard not working, distorted audio, fan noise, etc.

Depot Liquid Damage Cleaning:
This service is offered when the severity of liquid damage is beyond in-store repair. Example: computer does not charge/power on, USB/Thunderbolt ports do not respond, blank LCD/no image, etc.

**Accidental physical damage, and/or liquid damage will not be covered under warranty. Previous 3rd Party repairs are also excluded as the aforementioned are not considered defects or flaws in materials, or iHospital workmanship.

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