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While macs are some of the most user friendly computers around, even the most savvy mac user can have issues with their computer. iHospital specializes in repairs that fix any issues you might be having or install upgrades to bring an older machine back to life or get a boost of performance to a newer machine.  We offer repairs from top to bottom, inside and out our DID’s know how to keep a finger to the pulse of your mac to find the best remedy to your ailment or best upgrade for your particular computer.  Display and glass replacements are offered for all mac computers that apply, graphics cards replacements or upgrades for desktop and iMac as well as repairs for your Apple Cinema display or Thunderbolt display.  We can help to clear up any RAM issues you are having or upgrade your RAM to increase productivity when using multiple applications for tasks and/or install an SSD to max out data retrieval rates and significantly improve boot times and overall system performance.  Any keyboard or issue such as missing, non working or sticky keys can be corrected with a top case replacement, this can also update the look of the computer and give the user a “new” computer feel.  Replacement trackpads are also available if you are seeing issues when using the cursor or scrolling.  If you laptop battery life is suffering don’t wait, come see us for a battery replacement especially if the computer is giving the dreaded “service battery” or “replace soon” message in your battery information.  We have a wide array of hard drive replacements and  upgrades  including solid state drives which are becoming increasingly more popular, also any data transfer, Backup and data recovery services if a backup is not able to be completed due to a failing computer or drive. iHospital also offers any Boot Camp* setup or windows migration needs as well as backup services and external drives to store your data.  When your Mac is running slow and software issues are to blame we offer a Mac Software Tune Up to fix any issues such as slow boot times, sluggish system performance or inability to boot.  Fans are a very important part of your computer, for issues such as noisy or non working fans we offer replacements.  Optical drive replacements are available for issues reading CDs and DVDs, we also offer an upgrade which replaces the internal optical drive with an extra hard drive or SSD to increase storage and/or performance.    We offer repairs to correct any networking issues such as bluetooth, Wifi or ethernet to keep you connected and in communication when you need it the most.  Speaker replacements are available for issues related to sound such as no sound, muffled or blown speaker.  Liquid damage is never fun, but sometimes the unexpected occurs, for these times we offer liquid cleaning services to correct any problems stemming from liquid, and if we cannot correct your liquid spill with our cleaning we have a whole unit Liquid Damage Depot Repair which is guaranteed to correct any issues stemming from liquid damage and a separate depot repair for the main logic board each of which come with an industry leading one year warranty.  Computer wont charge? We offer magsafe connector replacement as well! Standard hardware repairs are offered at a flat rate for issues that can be corrected without the need for replacement parts.  For issues such as no power or not charging or others which are not possible to determine the nature immediately we offer an Advance Triage service to help pinpoint the exact failure and offer a targeted repair to correct the issue.  This is not an exhaustive list of all repairs offered for mac, so if you don’t see your issue or are interested in an upgrade you don’t see her stop in or give us a call and speak to one of our DID’s about your repair or upgrade.

Advance Triage:  A service our DID’s use to pinpoint the cause of your computer issue and provide options for repairs to correct the issue.

Mac Software Tune up: A service offered to clear up any software issues such as data corruption, slow boot times, software incompatibility issues and other software issues not related to hardware.

Hardware repair: A repair service where a hardware issue can be corrected without the need for replacing parts, but requires technical labor to be used.

Main logic board depot repair:  A service offered to correct any issues you may be having with your main logic board.  This service comes with an industry leading one year warranty.

Liquid cleaning service: A whole unit repair offered to remove liquid, corrosion or liquid residue from a computer and all of its parts to attempt to correct issues stemming from a liquid spill.

Liquid damage Depot Repair: A service offered to remove any damage caused by liquid incidents and guarantees all computer functions afterward.  This service comes with an industry leading one year warranty.

Magsafe replacement:  A repair offered to replace the internal magsafe adapter, typically needed if the magsafe port becomes physically or liquid damaged and will not accept a charge.

Speaker replacement:  A repair offered to correct muffled, distorted, blown, or non functional internal speakers.

Bluetooth/Wifi/Ethernet repair: Repair services offered to repair or replace your internal WIFI or bluetooth card or correct issues with the ethernet port.

Optical drive replacement:  A service offered to replace a faulty internal superdrive, or swap the internal superdrive with a hard drive enclosure to add storage space or increase performance.

Fan Replacement:  A service offered to replace the internal fan or fans in a computer due to noisy operation or non function of the internal fan(s).

Boot Camp Setup:  A service offered to partition the internal hard drive and install Windows on a mac in a dual boot configuration using Boot Camp.  *Customer must provide a valid copy of Windows operating system.

Windows Migration:  A service offered to transfer the data from a windows PC to a Mac or Boot Camp partition existing on a Mac.

Data Transfer Service:  A service offered to transfer the data from a computer to another computer.

Data Backup Service: A service offered to perform a backup of the computer to an external disk.

Data Recovery Service:  A service offered to retrieve lost data in the case of a non functional computer, failing or corrupted hard drive or any other situation where a normal backup is not possible.

Hard Drive Replacement:  A service offered to replace a failing or failed internal drive or upgrade the storage to a faster data retrieval rate and/or increase capacity.

Solid State upgrade:  A service offered to replace the internal drive of a computer with a Solid State drive which will increase data retrieval rates, lower the weight of the unit, improve battery life and improve thermal conditions in the computer as well as improve overall system performance and eliminate any spinning disk related noise.

Ram Upgrade/Replacement Service:   A service offered to replace faulty RAM, or add additional RAM modules to increase multitasking abilities and improve overall performance of the computer.  Some configurations have RAM soldered to the main logic board and cannot be upgraded.

Battery Replacement:  A service offered to replace the internal battery of a device when the computer is producing a “replace soon” or “service battery” message, or seems to have a lower than original battery capacity.  A negatively affected battery can also affect processor performance under certain circumstances.

Trackpad Replacement:  A repair offered to replace a trackpad that is not behaving correctly.  The symptoms can include cursor moving by itself, not responding or responding incorrectly to touch input, or cracks and scratches.

Top Case Replacement: A repair offered to replace the internal keyboard of a computer to correct non functional keys, sticking keys, non functional power button, missing keys, and any other issue associated with the keyboard or top case.

Graphics Card Upgrade/Replacement:  A repair offered to replace the internal grapics card of a mac that exhibits graphical distortion, booting to white screen, booting to blue screen, vertical and horizontal lines and other issues that affect the computer display signal not associated with a damaged display.  We can also upgrade the internal graphics card to increase VRAM or display capabilities and increase system performance during graphic intensive tasks.

LCD/Display replacement:  A repair offered to replace a damaged or non functional display or LCD.

Glass Replacement:  A repair offered to replace only the external glass portion only of a cracked display assembly.  The LCD is not replaced during this repair and would incur additional costs if needed.

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