CT Watchdog: iHospital For Broken iPhones, iPads, Macs And All Apple Products

Posted on March 26, 2012 in Media

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As a huge Apple fan and a stockholder, the major issue I have with Apple is that repairs to Apple products at its stores is expensive and the warranty on them sucks – that is a technical term.

The warranties on new products is great, especially when you purchase extended care plans.

Thankfully there is now a business that repairs broken, waterlogged and troubled Apple products, at half the cost of Apple and with a year warranty, instead of 90 days for parts: TheiHospital.com.

“The chain of repair shops is one of many firms that have sprung up and build their business largely by repairing Apple devices. Far from the dingy, box-and-cord littered shops of the past, these businesses have taken on the Apple ethos with slick presentation and savvy brand building. Their customers come hoping to pay less for repairs than at Apple’s own stores,” writes the Wall Street Journal.

“There are about 250 Apple Stores in the U.S., but there are millions of customers,” says Ross Newman, the 27-year-old founder of iHospital, based in Tampa, Fla. “They need somewhere to go to fix their products.”

“Mr. Newman says he can compete. A new front screen for an iPhone would cost about $150, including the cost of signing up for AppleCare Plus and the incident charge. The iHospital charges roughly between $79 and $100 for that same repair, depending on the model. And, Mr. Newman added, his doctors offer tech support and a one-year warranty on repairs. Other repair shops offer similar prices and services.”

There is now a iHospital store in New York City and they provide repairs through the mail.

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