Examiner: iHospital serves needs of Atlanta’s Apple users

Posted on January 1, 2016 in Media

iHospital is fast becoming the top place to bring Apple products for a full diagnosis, evaluation and repairs. With the Atlanta location at 3655 NE Roswell Rd. in Atlanta, it’s a convenient location for most people. Once a free diagnosis is made, the scrub-clad D.i.D. Certified Technicians quickly begin their operating procedures. No appointment is necessary and most iPhone repairs and fixes are made while you wait, with most services coming with a one-year warranty.

Ross Newman, D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices, and founder of iHospital, says: “iHospital does it all. Mac Book Pro repair, iPad repair, Apple computer repair, iPhone repair… from shattered screens to worn out batteries, we take care of all your Apple products, even if the warranty has expired. Want to install a non-Apple app? No problem, we can help.” Ross Newman further explains how iHospital saves consumers money: “We’ve saved thousands of Apple products that seemed too difficult for others to diagnose with very simple repairs. Most iPhone repairs can be done while you wait or if not, with 24 hours of dropping off your Apple product. Even water damage may be corrected, if we see your Apple within 48 hours.” iHospital is saving the lives of Apple® products in the cities of Tampa, Atlanta and Gainesville. Two additional stores are presently being planned for the New York City area. More information on iHospital as well as store locations and hours can be found at http://www.theiHospital.com This story was originally posted on Examiner.com. It was written by Rick Limpert

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