Fans pack Apple Stores for iPhone 5

Posted on October 8, 2012 in Media

Well, Apple fans, the wait is over. The iPhone 5 was officially released today. And, check out the lines!

People started lining up last night. But really, why? Here’s Fox 15’s Josh Cascio to take a look.

Minute by minute, hour by hour, they waited – even in the rain. For these folks, few things were more important on Friday as getting their hands on the iPhone 5.

Tony Pomales, “It’s a great product. I’ve owned the the 4, the 3, and I never had a problem with them.”

For many, waiting in line for Apple’s latest gadget has become tradition. But the question is why? There are plenty of other top tier electronics out there.

Justin Saturley, Operations Manager for the iHospital which services all things Apple, describes a passion for the product.

“When you get your hands on one of those devices, you realize how much attention to detail they put in there. One of Apple’s main goals in their retail environments is to enrich people’s lives.”

Some have described users’ devotion to Apple as cult-like. Others simply believe their products are superior.

Jennifer Heinisch “It’s not just pretty, but it works. So, I guess it’s pretty inside and out.”

Peter Jones “I guess a good word is just clean and crisp. I mean it makes it so easy to just find what you’re looking for, and it’s simple.”

The new iPhone has received high marks so far though some critics have complained about the new plug and the new Maps feature. But, at the end of the day, it’s Apple’s latest and greatest. And to some of the company’s loyal fans, that’s what really matters.

Brad David “It’s kinda like having a Harley. I would compare it to that. You can go buy a Honda that looks like a Harley, or you can buy the Harley and have the real thing.”

Justin Saturley, Operations Manager at iHospital, “Just like having your favorite sports team, other different groups of people come together, and it just happens to be about electronics this time around. Apple fans like the products.”

It’s a pretty safe bet to say that Apple’s fan base isn’t going away anytime soon. They’ll likely be lined up here one again next time the company’s ready to release a brand new product to the masses.

In Tampa, Josh Cascio, FOX 13 News

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