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Posted on August 25, 2011 in Media

ATLANTA – The number one complaint among smart phone users is dropped calls, number two is dead batteries.

But, you might be able to help your smartphone battery last a little longer with this Tech Check.

Having a full battery is so important to doing the things you need to do, like texting and take photos.

Are you trying to get the most out of your smartphone, but feel like it’s your battery on vacation?

“I notice it more in the Summer because my kids have my phone and my activities are a little bit different in the Summer so,” said Stacy Maple

What with activities like texting and picture taking, it doesn’t take long before your battery calls it quits

“My battery didn’t last long. I had a full battery before I got here, but now it’s empty,” said Meisha Jones

We went to the iHospital to diagnose this problem and learned that the activities and the apps you’re running have a lot do with how long your battery lasts.

“Well, they have all kinds of applications for altering photos.or any kind of games. Any kind of game where you are driving a car. Or you have actual images that change consistently, that’s going to drain your batterly a lot,” said Eric Linsky

Here’s another one — GPS apps. It’s best to plug in if you can.

Doug Evans asked folks on his Facebook page to tell him the apps that are chewing up their smartphone battery.

Tori wrote that browsing and Facebook cause her battery lose charge quickly. Nici writes Kindle kills her battery. And Melissa says it’s Pandora, internet radio that zaps her phone’s power.

Doug Evans also got some good tips on how to preserve your battery life.

Sonya says switch off your phones wifi, “it constantly searches for a signal. That uses up a great deal of battery life.”

And Peter writes, “Anytime I forget to shut my Bluetooth service off my battery drains wicked fast.”

The docs at the iHospital agree with that and adds more.

“You should never have your brightness all the way, you should have it at 50 percent. It’s not necessary to have it all the way,” said Eric Linsky.

And for you iPhone users, here a trick and important one. Just hitting the home button –the round one at the bottom — does not close down your applications. They are still running in the back ground and draining your battery.

Here’s how to shut them down.

“If you double push the home button, you get all these applications. All these applications are ones that are running. So you hold down that and now you can actually, physically close down applications one by one. If you have 20 or 30 applications running at once, it will drain your battery quickly,” said Linsky.

A video is on Doug Evans’ Facebook page to show the proper way to close iPhone applications. Let Doug Evans hear what works and doesn’t work for you in the battle of your battery.

Another tip — buy a good charger. In fact, it’s a good idea to buy a cord made by a smartphone company. Cheap chargers can actually damage your phone’s battery.

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