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Posted on December 21, 2011 in Media

By DOUG EVANS/myfoxatlanta

ATLANTA – If you’re giving a tech gift this Christmas like an iPhone or iPad, you might consider an additional stocking stuffer to go along with it.

No matter what kind of electronic device you getting or giving this Christmas, putting a case on it is the best way to protect it.

“I tell my customers all the time, the best kind of case is the case you don’t take off,” said Sam Schlam.

There are lots and lots of different cases, so pick one that you’re likely to leave on because you can live with it.

One that just protects the edges is called a bumper. Others like Speck cases are made of molded hard plastic Otterbox uses both hard and soft plastic. Of course there are all kinds of cases to reflect your personality. You can even buy what’s called an aqua box — it’s watertight with a flotation device for boating and rafting.

The docs at the iHospital say any case is better than no case.

They say they’ve had good success with cases made of a hard and soft plastic combination such as the Otterbox.

“Cases like this are the one, I prefer, simply because when it hits the ground, the hard plastic will take the impact and the soft plastic between the hard plastic and the phone will cushion the blow,” said Schlam.

The Otterbox will cost you more that most other cases. All that protection will change the size and weight of the phone in your hand. Again, the docs at the iHospital say the best case is the one that you keep on.

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