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Posted on October 13, 2011 in Media

Today on the Joe Crummey Show, Ross J. Newman, CEO and Founder of iHospital discusses the newest iPhone 4S prior to its launch and what we may expect to see in the new iPhone.

Jeff: Tomorrow, the new iphone will be unveiled in Cupertino, California. We are gonna talk about it somebody loves iphone. Joining as right now is Ross Newman, who is the founder of the iHospital. Ross Newman, welcome to 77WABC.

Ross Newman: Thanks for having me Jeff.

Jeff: Nice, are you in an iphone right now?

Ross Newman: I am on an Iphone.

Jeff: Ok just want to make sure you’re pure. Alright, just wanna know. Alright then let’s talk about this Iphone. You know we we’re just talking about it in the studio. Up until now I heard it was the iphone 5. Now I’m hearing they’re not gonna call it they’re gonna call it the Iphone 4S. Is there any significance to this?

Ross Newman: Well, you know, they’re telling us two different things. Until I can get the confirmed report tomorrow we’re not really gonna know if it’s the 4S or the 5 because we see signs of both right now. We have a few leaks coming from case spottings over in Asia of the iphone 5. Now they are calling it the 4S, so we’re not sure which one they’re gonna show us tomorrow but we know they are gonna be some significant changes to the phone.

Jeff: Well, like what? What’s the difference between the 4S and the 5? And what are these changes? Everybody wants to know. My iphone works just fine now. Why do I need to go out and buy another one?

Ross Newman: Well, I tell you. I think the biggest difference we’re gonna see is it’s gonna be a (not clear 1:12) they’re gonna put the A5 chip that we have been seeing in the ipad 2 which is already showing about 4x speed increase over the galaxy tab alone. It was just 8x faster than the iphone4 right now. That A5 chip should really give it a huge boost.

Jeff: Well, to do what? I mean, you know, when I get on the web in my phone it’s slow as hell. So you gonna make that faster? I don’t think so. What’s gonna make it faster?

Ross Newman: It’s gonna make the phone run faster you need to do a little lot more process is run more apps at once. Open your email which gonna browse that faster as well. Hopefully we are gonna see a larger screen size in that as well.

Jeff: Oh yeah? But the phone will be the same size? It will just be more of a glass face on it, and the screen will be bigger. Is that it?

Ross Newman: You know, that’s one of the speculations that we are gonna have to wait to see until tomorrow. I kind of think that we may see two different iphones emerged. We may see a 4S and an Iphone 5 emerged. An iphone 4S may look just like the current iphone 4 but the iphone 5 is they do a go ahead and release that will be a thinner phone, will be slightly larger with a 4 inch touch screen. Have a much longer battery.

Jeff: Oh yeah. That’d be good. You know what? That’s good. I like better battery. That’d be good.

Ross Newman: I would like that too.

Jeff: Yes, that’s a big penny [indiscernible 02:27]. How about this? Let me ask you. Right now, I have an iphone but I’m on Verizon which means I can’t do, I can’t surf and talk on the phone at the same time. Is that going to change?

Ross Newman: That’s one of the things that we’ve been hearing speculation about. There’s been rumor we had one of the china unit come exactly that as macro of Asia’s event last week come out and say that it is gonna support the HSPA+ network which pretty much means that you will be able to use the voice and data at the same time on a CDMA network. Apple has been saying for a long time that we are not doing that. We are not doing that. But now, we’re gonna need more and more confirmed reports from these carriers that they will go ahead and do that. So I think tomorrow we may see an announcement that it may support that.

Female speaker: Is there any possibility that the 5 will come out later? That it’s not gonna come out that it’ll just be the 4s tomorrow?

Ross Newman: No. It is possible. It is possible it will come out and say, you know we’re releasing the 4S right now and come around the holiday season we will release the iphone 5.

Jeff: Yeah. Idoctor, that you as, it is kinda cool, Ross Newman everybody. Founder of the iHospital. That’s (not clear 3:35) as you fix a bunch of Iphones. Is that what you do?

Ross Newman: Yeah, we fix everything Apple. We have about 6 stores across the
country. We have one in New York City on Broadway and yeah, we fix everything Apple.

Jeff: Can you talk about the, I know Patty was all freaked out about this last week. I can’t wait to ask him this. Now I’m gonna ask it for her. This is great. That Amazon has a new kindle fire and she’s just freaked out about it. In other words, that’s gonna be a reader. I see people on the point with it but now you can surf on the net on that too and get your email on that.

Ross Newman: You can. The one thing it doesn’t have is 3G capabilities. So in other words, you are not able to use it unless you are connected to a wifi network.

Female speaker: Well that see, I am like completely addicted to my Ipad. But to me without the 3G, I don’t think I need it.

Ross Newman: Exactly. And that’s how a lot of people are we could all find a wifi network and connect our laptop to it or even our phone for that matter, but the luxury we have of having an Ipad with 3G incorporated antennas. We can use it anywhere. I can be in the middle of a field and use it. I can go to a central park and other technique and I can use the ipad.

Female speaker: Exactly.

Jeff: Let me ask you this (not clear 4:42) Let me ask you I really don’t like using the web that much on my iphone just coz I think it’s really really slow. Why don’t we gonna be all 4G (not clear 4:51). I wanna use the web and I do you know, when I got nothing else. But I think it’s a pain in the ass and it’s really slow and it’s a drag. And I’m wondering when is it gonna go fast? [indiscernible 5:45] That’s what I want.

Ross Newman: That’s what I want too. And we do know that Verizon is constantly working on it. T-mobile already has it. Unfortunately, they are not gonna see the iphone for at least another year. But you know, I think, soon enough apple adapting to the city (not clear 5:17) 4G network and as soon as they go live with that all networks will follow and will finally have this fast speed.

Jeff: Right. But what? A year from now? Two years? When will I’m gonna get on make it just as fast as my laptop at home?

Ross Newman: I would say give it about 6 months to a year max and we will able to see that

Jeff: Ok great. Alright thank you very much. Alright, Ross Newman, founder of the iHospital (not clear 5:40 ) Broadway in Manhattan. Just put the check on the mailer Ross.

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