Neal Boortz Talks about iHospital On His Morning Show

Posted on October 20, 2011 in Media

Neal Boortz discusses his experience at the Apple store trying to get his iPhone repaired and then compares the service with what he received from iHospital!

“But I really believe in my advertisers, and in the network advertisers like go to my pc. I use pro flowers. I’m sending pro flowers all the time. So, and then often, and Belinda will tell you this, the sales weasels here hate me because they come up to me and they say, “Would you like to advertise? These people wanna use you for endorsement.” I say, “I’m sorry. I don’t own their product. I don’t own their product and I don’t need it and I don’t use it and I can’t advertise them because I don’t have the personal familiar of even what they do.”

“You know, I’ve been driving Mercedes Benz since 1978. I advertise Mercedes Benz. So, but every once in a while I go on the air and I just give out free advertisement to a business that I have used. They’re not paying me to do this and I paid the full tab when I went there. But I’m just so thrilled to find out they exist. That I wanna share it with everybody else, so I’m gonna do that real quick.”

“Sunday I dropped my cell phone. Crash! It’s an iPhone. It’s an iPhone 4 not a 4S, it’s a 4. Crack! I’m AT&T, I bought the iphone at the AT&T Store there on Lenox road. That’s where I got it.”

“The glass is shattered. I take it to the AT&T store there on Lenox road. You know how they have a gate keeper at the front of the AT&T store? They take your name and everything. The gatekeeper at this AT&T Store at Lenox road across from Lenox Mall Sunday afternoon, that gatekeeper, that’s the third great, great, great grand daughter of Attila de Hun. She had all of the personality of a tossup possum on the side of the road. But anyway, they told me at the AT&T Store we can either replace this or you can upgrade. Am I eligible for an upgrade? No, you’re not eligible for an upgrade for 18 months.”

“How much will it cost you? 400 dollars blah, blah, blah, thanks a pant load. And so I left there and I went across to Lenox Square and I stopped into the Apple Store. Now if you think the economy sucks, you walk into an Apple Store. But anyway, I showed them my screen, oh that can’t be replaced. They didn’t say we won’t replace the screen, they said it can’t be replaced. Now there’s a difference. If at the Apple Store at Lenox they said to me, “we won’t, we don’t replace screens here.” That would have been the truth. But to say “it cannot be replaced”, that is a lie.”

“And then they actually said we can replace the back. So I’m holding my iPhone there, I’m looking at the back of the iphone and it’s perfect. And I’m looking at the screen and it’s cracked. And this guy says “we can replace the back.” Well thank you. Why didn’t I think of that: That’ll solve all my problems. Let’s just replace the back. I’ll still have a shattered screen but I’ll have a new back! This is wonderful stuff. Thank you Apple Store. So, I walked out of the Apple Store. And by this time I’m starting to complain very loudly on Twitter. And my Tweets came to my rescue. And they told me about a place, where I can get the screen replaced on an Apple i4. i4 iPhone. Something that the Apple Store said cannot be done.”

“So the place I went to yesterday, is called iHospital with the cute little i capital H, iHospital, and it is basically at the Roswell road Piedmont road intersection, kinda Caddy corner to the Landmark Grill, in that shopping center, back in, and you walk in and it’s really clean it’s and they got an iMac Cube that you can play on, you can play on the computer while it takes them about 20 minutes. They got a bunch of books and it looks like a hospital because all of the technicians are wearing scrubs with their name on it. And so they’re all wearing scrubs, and they sit down at this little operating table, and in 20 minutes I had a new screen.”

“And here it is. Right here for you to see, and it’s perfect. And it works absolutely fine, I didn’t have to go through the sync. I didn’t have to go through the back up and I didn’t have to go through the restore and I didn’t even have to say where the hell are my apps! And what happened to my contacts and all of that? They just replace the screen. At the Apple Store they said, “You can’t do that. It can’t be replaced.” They are lying. They can be replaced. And you know it’s a touch screen. It’s not just a piece of plastic. Yes, it costs a couple of bucks but it cost less than replacing the phone. It cost less than an upgrade and you avoid all of that syncing, backup, restoration you know. Icloud, dark cloud, nimphocumulus cloud, and all this kind of nonsense. So I just wanna thank the guys over there for helping me out. And the phone is back on its utter box, I can drop it, throw it around, everything’s just fine.”

“They also have a cool thing over there for your iPhone. It’s water proof iPhone carrier. That I’m, you know, I’m probably gonna have to go back and get it because not only it is water proof but it has a long lanured on it and a float. So like on a wave runner or on a boat or something, it comes flying out on your pocket and there’s this float, float, now in the water, oh there it is just pull it up, iPhone is just fine. So, ok, got that out of the way.”

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